Chapter 3; Nice to Meet You

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Your POV

I smiled and held out my hand, "(y/n) is the name. Punching things is my game. But, you've already figured that out." I said with a wicked grin. It got me a few laughs from the group. The red head I punched held out his hand.

"Max." He pointed to himself. "Ross." He pointed to the brunette with glasses. He continued around the group until I had also met Adam, Red, Barney, and Tim-Tim. I smiled and gestured to the couches.

"Batman Begins, anyone?" I ask. Jess groans.

"Not again!" She whines. I let out an evil laugh.

"Yes, but of course Jess!" I continue to laugh as I get everything set up, then flop on the couch and get the movie started.

~Time Skip Brought to You by; Bacon Man~

"Huh, that guy just got punched in the face. Reminds me of someone..." Max says. He's done this a couple of times so far. I point at him.

"You started it!"

"Did not!"

"Did too! You punched me in the face for no good reason!"

"It was Adam's fault, not mine!"

"Oh, sure, just blame everything on the lumberjack!"

"He pulled you in front of him! I wouldn't have hit a pretty face like yours on purpose!" His comment makes me blush, but I continue to fire back at him.

"Really? Can't say the same for myself." Mostly everyone laughs at this, and I pat myself on the back.

"Guys!" Adam interrupts, "can we just watch the movie?" I glare at him.

"No we can't!" I cross my arms and turn around at the screen. I feel like a two year old, but strangely this is fun. I look back at Max and smile, to let him know I was joking. He sticks his tongue out at me. I turn back around.

"What's the point of doing all those push-ups if you can't lift a bloody log?" I quote. Everyone looks at me. I roll my eyes and point at the screen just as Alfred says it. Max raises an eyebrow, and I shrug. "What's the point of watching your favorite movie of our don't quote it?"

"She does this EVERY time we watch one of her movies," Jess sighs.

"What do you mean by her movies?" The other red head, Red, asks.

"She literally has a giant collection of her favorite movies that she watches over and over." I sheepishly grin, then shrug.

"What's the point of remembering everything if you don't enjoy it?" I ask.

"Wha- You remember everything?" Ross looked stunned.

"Ya. I have a photographic memory." They all look at me. "But, that's not important. Movie!" I point to the screen. They all slowly turn back around and I stick my tongue out at Jess.


Hi. Short chapter, I know, but I want to upload a chapter every other day. Yay, consistent! Hope you all liked it and BYYYYEEEEE!!

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