Chapter 4; Office? Job?

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Your POV (The Next Day...)

I play my jams as I dance around the kitchen.

"Something bout you, makes me feel like a dangerous women!" I sang and danced along as I made pancakes. I hear someone clear their throat. "If you want to join, feel free Jess." I knew that she had stayed the night.

"Well, that does sound like a fun offer..." I jumped and spun around at the male voice. It was Max. My face turns red. My hand goes to the back of my neck.

"Well... I wasn't really talking to you. And I was not aware that it were... here, but... I guess you can join if you wan to." I then turned my music up loader and continued to dance. He laughed, then walked away. I shrugged as Jess wandered into the kitchen. She rolled her eyes.

"Pancakes? Really?" She questioned.

"Quit questioning my motives and grab the syrup," I laugh. She laughs too, then joins in with my dancing. I flip pancakes.

"What's for breakfast?" A sleepy Ross enters the room. I threw my hands in the air.

"Who all stayed over last night?!" I exclaimed. Jess gave me a cheeky smile.

"Everybody..." she replied. I groan.

"Could you be a dear and go get me more pancake batter? I'm not going to have enough." I bat my eyes at Jess. It's now her turn to groan. I put my hands up. "Fine. Fine, I'll do it. You just make the pancakes and give me time to go look like a civilized person." I sigh and walk into my closet. What to wear, what to wear? I finally decide on (outfit above) and grab my stuff. I then do my makeup quickly. "Done!" I congratulate myself, then walk downstairs. Everybody is either asleep or watching some anime, so I take my time and slip out the door. I hop in my car. I flip on the radio. "DIRTY DEEDS AND THEY'RE DONE DIRT CHEAP!" I yell with the radio as I pull out of my driveway. I drive around until I find the supermarket. I slip out of my car and hear screaming. "What th-" I'm so rudely interrupted by a teenage girl holding up her phone.

"OH MY IRENE! IT'S (YT/N)!" I fake gasp.

"OMG! IT'S SOME RANDOM TEENAGE GIRL I DON'T KNOW!" I cover my mouth with my hands. "So, do you want me to sign something? Or do you want a picture?..."

"A picture!" She exclaims. I pull out my phone and pose for a selfie. She does the same in the background. I pull up Instagram.

"What's your username? I'll tag you."

"Oh! Uh... @SomeRandomPerson123 (hope that isn't actually an account XP)"

"Okay.... And done! You can screen shot it or whatever. I'm going to go inside now." She waves as I walk inside. I quickly grab some pancake batter, pay for it, and head out. I swiftly hop back into my car and drive home. I run out of my car and into my house. "Honey, I'm HOOME!" I yell.

"Okay sweet pea!" Max says in a smoker voice. I laugh and hand Jess the pancake mix.

"More food please!¡" I tell her. She laughs. I can hear Mario Kart going on my TV already. I swiftly grab one of the remotes and start to kick butt. "Me win!!" I yell as I jump up in victory. All the guys stare at me in disbelief. I laugh. "I'm not just a famous YouTuber because of my looks.. Although that helps." I laugh once more as Jess brings out the food.

"Did she whoop your butts?" She asks.

"Uh-huh." Ross mutters.

"Oh, don't worry. She's a natural at all games. Not just Mario Kart. I found  that one out the hard way." I give everyone my signature grin.

"Wait, are you a YouTuber?"

"Ya, I'm (yt/n)"

"Oh! I've watched your videos! Would you like to join our office for YouTubers!"

"Ummm YES!!!" I squeal. "Uhh I-I mean sure."


I hope you guys liked this chapter! I'm keeping up my schedule! Go me! Today was our science fair. BYYYYEEEEE!

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