Oh My Ice Goddess

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Oh My Ice Goddess!

(c) purpleyhan, 2014


She's cold.

She's expressionless.

She's scary.

She's an ice.

They say no one's on par with her.

They say she's notorious and vicious.

Nobody can withstand her coldness and attitude.

But they don't really know her well to say those things.

She's actually strong;

She cares for her comrades;

She has a sense of justice; and

She'll do everything to protect her loved ones

She's just a nobody to others, but she's a somebody to us.

For she, is our Ice Goddess.


Tadaaaa! New story, new genre. First time to write an action-fantasy story haha. Once or twice a week ang update. I hope you'll enjoy reading this :)

PS. yung setting po ng story ay iba. Hahaha basta XD you can view it sa facebook ko if you want.

PPS. Para sa mga readers ng Tantei High, mag-aappear dito yung isang tribe. Lol

Oh My Ice Goddess (Erityian Tribes, #3) | Published under Pop FictionTahanan ng mga kuwento. Tumuklas ngayon