55 [Krystal/Gemma]

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Pierre bellowed like a beast when his flame was frozen. I looked at the surroundings and almost all of his allies were subdued. The Flame Spectre members were also lying unconscious on the ground near Gemma's and Ashley's dads. I was about to search for that Allen guy who hurt Gemma but Gust's face blocked my view.

"Kung hinahanap mo ang lalaking 'yun, 'wag kang mag-alala, hinding-hindi na siya makakagalaw sa sitwasyon niya," then he smiled while covering his sword with a piece of torn cloth. How the heck did he know what I am thinking of?

'I think he read your facial expression.'

I looked at Hale and he's still clutching his arm. The burnt area was covered with blisters and blood. It's too distracting to look at that's why I ripped a piece of cloth from my shirt's sleeve and approached him.

"Stay still."

"You don't need to—" I glared at him and he immediately shut up, then I tugged his arm and tied the cooled cloth to the burnt area, while gently freezing the blisters.

"That'll lessen the pain."


"Di pa rin ako makapaniwala na matatapos na ang lahat ng 'to," Galene said while playing with droplets of water at the tip of her fingertips.

"Me too. Hindi ko akalaing darating pala ang araw na makikita kong bumagsak ang Flame Spectre at White government," Geo added.

We quietly watched Pierre and Winter fighting each other, exchanging blows and attacks, and wishing for her to win and end this bloodshed.

"Hinding-hindi mo makukuha sa akin ang lahat ng pinaghirapan ko!" Pierre threw a large blazing ball towards the center where most of the Huntres are. The five of us instinctively shifted our positions and we're about to jump off this place but we stopped halfway. The fireball halted and it became a solidified piece of large rock, and it plummeted in front of Gramps, Hilda and Rivo.

"Mukhang nakakalimutan mong nandito rin kami." Gramps clenched his hand and the solidified rock was shattered into pieces.

"I'm your opponent, and I told you, don't underestimate my ice...and my comrades!" Winter suddenly produced a long and wickedly pointed lance, and somehow, the atmosphere changed. The pressure on the surroundings felt heavier, making it harder to breathe.

"S-shit! We're in danger! We need to get away from her!" We glanced at Hale and he looked terrified.



Gust and Geo helped Hale and the five of us jumped off the frozen flame, and we ran to where our allies are but they also started running away from that place. But as I ran, every step seemed heavier and it felt like something was dragging me back.

"Keep running!" Hale shouted but almost all of us can't run anymore.

"Tsk. We have no other choice. Form a barrier!" Gemma's father stepped in front of us and told everyone to group themselves according to their attributes. Although I don't know what's happening, Hale and I joined those who have the Ice attribute, including my own group.

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