56 [Krystal/Ashley]

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"It's over...Mom...Dad..."


I hugged her and my tears automatically fell. I was so scared and worried to death because of the things that happened in the past but I'm relieved that she's fine. I thought I was going to lose her, too.

"If anything happens, I'll protect you with all my life and I'll always be at your side. I'm sorry kung hindi ko natupad 'yun," she said while caressing my hair and I felt like a six-year old kid again, when I lost both of my parents and thought my sister was dead.

"That's okay. I-I'm just glad you're alive."

"And I'm pleased that he's dead," she said while looking at her back. I also looked at that direction and found shattered fragments of ice and her lance which was thrusted on a huge block of ice.

"Don't tell me..."

"Yes. That was him."

The thought of Pierre broken into pieces of ice nauseated me. I tried freezing people before but not to the point that their whole body became ice, just like what happened to him. There were no signs of flesh, bones or any human remains, except for two blue eyes frozen inside the huge block of ice. I wished I've never seen that. It's disgusting.

"Mabuti at ayos ka lang." I heard Gramp's voice and I saw him crouched beside us.

"Yes...but I think I overdid it." She held her left arm which has a deep wound and blood gushing through it, covering the snow with scarlet color.

"You really overdid it, Winter." This time, Gemma's dad stood in front of us with a distressed look.

"I-I have too."

"You know the danger and risk of using that technique. It consumes your stamina for a period of time and may shorten your life. You should have been more careful."

"Gerard, ako na ang bahala sa kanya," said Gramps while freezing the blood flowing out of Winter's wound. I watched how he stopped her wounds from bleeding but I felt something suspicious since they keep on glancing at me. But before I could ask a question, Gemma and Ash appeared and pulled me away from them.

'We'll talk about it later.' I heard Winter's voice inside my head and it sounds weak and tired. I guess I should let her rest for a bit.


As we walked towards the collapsed barrier, I saw the allies of Flame Spectre completely frozen and some of them were already broken and damaged. I still can't believe she did all of this by herself. I really want to know what happened to her for the last thirteen years and how did she become the leader of the rebellion force.

'Gusto mo bang malaman ang nangyari sa kanya?' I heard Hale's voice inside my head and quickly found him among the crowd. He was supported by Kelsey and Miles on both sides, and he's looking at us while flashing a weak smile. I walked towards their direction and he sat down on the debris of the collapsed barrier.

"Maiwan na muna namin kayo," Gemma said while tugging the other three away from us.

"What do you mean by that?"

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