54 [Krystal]

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We simultaneously froze the fire surrounding us and he opened a hole by just punching the frozen flames in front of us. Rage was standing at the center of this ring of fire like he's waiting for us.

"I thought you were reduced to ashes," he said while smirking.

"And I thought you ran away because you're one hell of a coward." I scowled at him and I heard Hale snickered. What the heck is his problem?

Rage looked at me with disgust and the fire around us intensifies.

'You pissed him off,' Hale said.

'That's what I want. Now proceed with the plan.'


Hale suddenly attacked him and I was taken aback because of his speed. I know he's fast but I didn't think that he can still move faster than his last attack. But Rage's speed is on par with him. I can follow their movements but I don't think I can engage myself between their fight.

While Rage is preoccupied with his fight with Hale, I proceeded with the plan. I slowly froze the flames surrounding our area but not too apparent since that would be detrimental to the plan. Besides, my stamina is running low and I don't want to waste it anymore by freezing things outrageously.

All of a sudden, I felt a slight earthquake and I knew the plan has started. I still can't believe that he planned this ahead of time. His ability to come up with strategies is frightening. I wonder what's his position in the rebellion force. He's a jerk and he always piss me off but he's strong enough to fight the big names in Flame Spectre.

"Take this!" Hale formed an uneven ice sword and he relentlessly attacked Rage. Hmp. Telling me that I'm reckless yet he's just as impulsive as I am.

'Hey, this is part of the plan! Mas malala ka kaysa sa akin!'Damn it. He can still read my mind even though I closed it. Gramps was right. There are some people who can read closed minds since theirs are also closed by default.

'Shut up!' I yelled using my inner voice and I saw him winced. Serves him right.

'Damn that was unnecessary!'

I ignored him and focused on freezing the flames. Then the ground shook with such force that the frozen flames shattered and the sound of falling crystals made Rage turn to my direction.

"Now!" I shouted and Hale impaled Rage's thigh with an ice spike and they both fell into the ground. Rage caught Hale's right arm and he howled in pain as the flame burned his skin. But before the fire consumed him, I froze the entire ground, including Rage's body.

"Get out of there!" He heard my order and forcibly pulled his arm from Rage's grip. He collapsed near him even though the plan was to evade the area once Rage's body is frozen. What the hell is he doing? Is his wound that bad? Tsk. What a pain in the ass!

I ran towards their direction, hoping that we won't get caught on our own plan. I froze the highest peak of the flame surrounding us and landed at the top of it. This height would be enough. I jumped off the frozen flame and shouted at him.

"Hold onto me!" I extended my arm and he grabbed it but he's heavier than what I expected.

"Y-you piece of shit..." I looked behind me and I saw Rage holding onto Hale's leg. The ice covering his upper body melted but the lower part remained frozen. "H-hindi kayo...makakatakas sa akin—"

"S-shit...masasama tayo—" I pulled him up but it's too late...

The earthquake stopped and I knew it's coming. We're going to be dragged into it—

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