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"as a matter of fact, great passions remain unknown, they erade in the anonymity."


Standalone Stories
⊹ 7th Unit
⊹ A Ride to Love
⊹ Hidden
⊹ Guardians
⊹ Baby Madness (soon)
⊹ Babaylan (soon)
⊹ The Intelligence Project (soon)

Kingdom University Series
1 : Campus Royalties
2 : The Arrogant Prince
3 : Crowned Princess
4: My Royal Lesson
spinoff : Love Tutorial

Over Series
1: Getting Over You
2: Still Not Over
3: Over This Haven

Trouble Series
1: Engagement Trouble
2: Nothing But Trouble
3: Following Trouble

Erityian Tribes Series
1: Tantei High
2: Seventh Sense
3: Oh My Ice Goddess
4: The Science of Spying

Erityian Tribes Novellas
0: Genesis
1: Truce
2: Rewind
3: Standstill
4: Winter
5: Keeper
6: Clandestine

⊹ Hello, Maiden
⊹ Young Love
⊹ Dragon Keys (soon)

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purpleyhan purpleyhan Jun 25, 2016 05:36AM
Hindi raw nagnonotify but the update for Guardians has been posted (chapter 27):
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Social data: 922K reads. 44.3K votes. 5.8K comments.

Description: Standalone novel || Guardians are powerful spiritual beings, and only true Divians can use their powers.


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The Science of Spying (Erityian Tribes, #4)

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Rewind (Erityian Tribes Novella, #2)

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Story Reading List

Story Reading List