Not Quite A Normal Day (1)

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This fanfiction does take place in the Fairy Tail universe, it just takes place in the real world for the first chapters of the story

"Bye Yuki, see you after school," I yelled out to my cat as I ran out of the house.

Yes, I overslept...again....oh, hi! By the way, my name is Y/N and I'm 17 years old. I live alone with my cat Yuki and I'm an orphan since my parents died when I was 5 years old.

Anyways, after I locked up my apartment, I ran to the bus stop.

"Ugh, I'm late again," I yelled at myself.

After what seemed like forever, I arrived, just on time may I add. Anyways, I sat at the very back of the bus, like always. I never really had any friends because I was an orphan and I always had weird dreams and premonitions so I was often by myself. After a while, I started thinking about the weird dream I had last night...

*~Flash Back~*

Y/N P.O.V.

I was in the middle of a forest on an island.

"Hello?" I called out but nothing... "Hello? Anyone else here!"

Still nothing. 'Well I guess I might as well look around,' I thought.

After passing the same moss-covered rock for the TENTH TIME-

"AH, I'm lost!" I screamed in frustration.

I decided to lie down, closing my eyes.

*drip, drip, drip*

I opened one eye to see it started raining.

"Great, just great," I groaned, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

Quickly, I ran to the nearest cover which happened to be a cave. It looked really scary so I didn't want to go in, but it's either that or get soaked.

After wandering around the cave for a little while I discover a GRAVE! I just stood there, staring at the grave for a while. I rubbed off the dust covering the engraved part.

Here Lies
Mavis Vermilion
Founder of Fairy Tail

'Fairy Tail huh... that's an odd name' I laughed to myself, running my hand over the engraved words. While doing that, I feel strange, like someone is watching me. I turn around to see a 13-year-old girl with long golden hair that went down to her ankles, but I couldn't see her face.

"H-hi there, do you live here?" I ask, slightly scared.

"Hello and yes I do. What's your name?" She responds.

"Y/N... and you?" I ask.

"My name is Ma--


Y/N P.O.V.

My thoughts were cut off when I arrived at school. I got off the bus and headed to my locker. 'Locker 134, 135, 136, ah here we go, 137!' I grabbed my books and started heading to class.

"Hey, dragon girl!"

'Here comes queen jackass' I laughed internally at my own joke.

I got the nickname dragon girl because I believe that dragons do exist, I mean where else could the myths about giant flying lizards come from?!

"Oi," she grabbed my H/L H/C hair and yanked me back.

"Listen to me when I'm talking to you, bitch!" She yelled at me.

"I bet her parents left her because she was so ugly," one of her minions said. The sound of laughter filled the halls.


One of the girls hit me.

They hit me again and again, but I've learnt not to fightback, it seems only to make things worse.

The bullying continued until the bell went off, signaling everyone to get to their classes so they left, kicking me one final time. I got up and cleaned myself off, starting to head for math...

Little did I know that was the last class I would ever be attending here.

Sooo, that's the start of everything!

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