Babysitting! (10)

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A/N: This chapter is based on an episode of Phoenix Drop High (Created By Aphmau) It's a super funny role play! I really suggest you check it out!! ^-^

Sting P.O.V.

"Damn, he's always busy," I sighed, putting down my phone.

I've been trying to get hold of Rogue for the past hour but nothing... I guess I'll go see if he's with Minerva again.

(A/N Okay, quick explanation. Rogue and Sting are friends with Minerva. Rogue and Minerva like to tease Sting and plan pranks and stuff. So, that's why Sting is looking for Minerva for Rogue... Understand? Cool let's continue)

*~At Minerva's House~*

"AH, LONER! Just the person I wanted to see," Minerva yelled as she dragged me into her house.

"Okay, so Chelsea is currently sleeping in her crib, there's food in the fridge, diapers and other sanitary things she will need are in her stroller, remember to take her outside later today."

"W....wait what do y.."

"Okay, I got to go! Thanks for looking after my baby cousin on such short notice," she cut me off as she ran outside before I could stop her.... I walked into Chelsea's room.

"I don't know how to take care of a baby!!.....But you are kinda cute... Ugh, snap out of it... AH, HA! Maybe Fairytail will know what to do, they have an answer for everything!" I yelled out as I carefully put Chelsea in her stroller and took her to Fairy Tail.

*~At the guild~*

"Awww, she's so cute! Is she yours?" Mirajane asked me.

"What!? Ew, no... She's Minerva's baby cousin," I replied.

"Yo Sting, if you want help go talk to Y/N. She often babysits for Bisca and Alzack," Natsu suddenly appeared, telling me.

"Oh... So where is she?" I asked Natsu.

"She's in her dorm room... Should I get Mira to show you there?" He asked me.

"Uhhh.... I think I'll be okay. I'll find it eventually," I quickly responded with a slight blush growing on my cheeks.

"Well, okay then.... Bye Sting," Natsu replied, slightly suspicious.

"Cya Natsu! Bye Mira," I called out as I was leaving.

"BYE STING!! REMEMBER TO BRING CHELSEA BACK SOMETIME!!" Mira yelled out to me. I waved to everyone as I left, heading to her house.

*~At Dorm~*

I'm standing outside Fairy Hills trying to find a way in... I usually just climb through her window, but I can't do that with Chelsea...

"Ah, I just remembered," I accidentally yelled out, remembering that Mira gave me a spare key to her apartment.

She said something about making babies? Whatever, I probably just misheard her. I let myself into her dorm room.

"Hey, Sting! Awww, who's this cutie?" She cooed once she noticed Chelsea.

"This is Chelsea, she's Minerva's baby cousin and I need your help! I don't know what to do with tiny humans!" I yelled.

"So, let me get this right... This is Chelsea, she is Minerva's younger cousin and you want me to help you take care of her?"

"Yeah... Pretty much," I responded, closing my eyes, bracing for her to throw me out.

"OF COURSE I WILL," she yelled, running over to Chelsea's stroller.

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