Training (6)

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Sting P.O.V.

"Yo, Makarov!" I greeted him as I walked into his office.

"Thank you for coming on such short notice, Sting," he said from behind his desk.

"It's not a problem!" I paused to think. "So, what did you need me here for?"

"I take it that you have met Y/N?"

"Oh, yeah! She's quite feisty," I laughed.

"Then you should know about her situation."

"About her not remembering anything? I already know that," I interrupted.

"Do you know why?" He questioned, turning towards me.

"Well, she was covered in bruises so I assumed a small amount of brain damage was to blame."

"While you are right, the real reason is that she is not from here," he sighed, getting up from his desk. He looked through the window in his office, looking out over the entire guild.

"No offense, but I already worked that out."

"No. I mean, she's not from this world," he said, looking at her laughing with Mira.

"What do you mean?" I swear if he says something about her being from another planet I will actually freak out.

"Look, I don't know much more than you do, but Mavis brought her here for some reason and all I know is she had a horrible life back where she came from," he paused to turn towards me. "She told me that she wants you to care for her," he said, looking at me with a serious expression.

"Why me?"

"I don't know why myself, but I already consider her as one of my children so I am asking you this as a friend, please watch over her."

"Okay... I will," I sighed, thinking about what I had gotten myself into.

"Thank you, Sting. I feel like she will become very important to you," he sighed, walking back to his desk.

"Well, she seems like a trouble maker so I think we will get along famously," I laughed, trying to bring a bit of light back into the situation.

"I'm sure you will, now if you wouldn't mind, I have some paperwork to do," he said, gesturing towards the door.

"Of course, byyyeee!" I said, walking out his office.

"Goodbye Sting, have a good day," he said, not looking up from his work pile. I closed the door behind me only to be greeted by Rogue.

"What did he want to talk to you about?" Rogue asked me.

"Well, you know that Y/N chick?" I questioned.

"Yes, what about her?"

"He wants me to take care of her. I can't tell you why because I don't even know but, hey! She seems pretty cool," I said, shrugging my shoulders.

"I guess we'll just see how things pan out," he sighed.

"Plus she's like hella cute," I smirked before making my way down the stairs.

"And there it is," He sighed, I could tell Rogue was expecting me to comment on her looks.

Y/N P.O.V.

"Okay Y/N, just relax."

"Okay, I'm relaxing," I sighed, relaxing my muscles and closing my eyes.

"Now feel the water around you... feel it move, feel it push and pull."

"I don't think this is going to work Juvia!" I grunted as I stood up.

"Hey! I'm the one with magic here so you have to listen to me."

"Yes ma'am," I sighed, lying back down in the water.

"Now imagine the water as not just an object under your control, but as an extension of your own body," Juvia explained.

"Now, repeat after me. I am a powerful wizard."

"I am a powerful wizard."

I have to admit, I feel really stupid doing this.

"The water is my ally."

"The water is my ally," I repeated.

"Juvia is amazing."

"Juvia is ama- Wait, what?" I questioned, sitting up and opening my eyes.

"Nothing!" She quickly snapped. "Now think about what you want the water to do, and then do it!" She yelled extremely happily.

"Thanks for that ~amazing~ advice," I sweat dropped. "It's like saying, get inside a plane, know what you want the plane to do and then fly it!"

"Just give it a shot, Y/N!"

"Fiiinneee," I groaned.

I concentrated on the movement of the water around me. I stood up whilst keeping my eyes closed and slowly lifted one of my arms, hearing the water start to splash around me.

"Y/N! You're doing it!" She giggled. I opened my eyes to see that the water around me was starting to form in a large mound in the middle of the lake.

"Now! Aim it somewhere!"

I moved my arm towards a tree that was close by and flicked my wrist. Surprisingly, the water did go towards the tree... along the ground....extremely slowly.

"Well, you have to start somewhere!" Juvia giggled.

Over the next 5 hours, Juvia drilled me unrelentingly, making me lie down, repeat random stuff, swim, practice spells, meditate, and worse of all Exercise. She is pure evil....

"Can I just... Go back to the guild now?" I spoke between breaths as I was hunched over trying to catch my breath.

"Not until you get this spell working!" She ordered.

"BUT THE SUN IS SETTING!" I yelled, sending echoes across the mountain side we were training at.

"Fine! But you're meeting me back here at 3:30 AM SHARP tomorrow!" She said.

"WHhhhaaattt?" I groaned.

"Now, run back to the guild." She ordered me.

"But! I was just going to walk back and stop for ice cream along the way!" I argued.

"I SAID RUN!" She yelled...Scary.

"Fine!" I cried as I started running. I've only been running for about 5 minutes and Juvia has already complained that 'I'm not trying'  also 'I'm not fast enough' and 'My outfit doesn't match!'  -  Which by the way, it does -  AND it doesn't even matter in the first place!!

"Y/N, stop running!" Juvia called out.

"What now?!" I groaned.

"Nothing, your running is fine! But since you stopped, give me 10 push ups, right now!" I think the power has officially turned Juvia's brain to mush.


"NO YELLING! 20 push ups, now!" She yelled back.

"You just yelled," I said under my breath as I got on the ground.

"2, 3, 4..."

16 push ups later I was back to running with Juvia correcting me every 5 seconds.

I don't even know if having magic is worth this torture.

Welp! Magic doesn't seem so great, now does it.

To be honest, I would still want it

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