She'll Be Mine (13)

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 Sting's P.O.V.

"One second, Yukino!! I need to get dressed!!" Y/N yelled out.

"I don't care!! Plus, it's about Sting so it's important!!"

Before Yukino mentioned my name,  I could hear Y/N had been pacing around the room, trying to get dressed as quick as she could, but the second my name was mentioned, she stopped in her tracks and ran to the door.

"WHAT IS IT.....I mean come in...." She yelled, showing Yukino into the room.

"Well as you told me you're currently in 'mating mode' so I did some research into who Sting likes... My first guess was to go ask Rogue, but I can't find him," she continued. "Please don't hate me for this, but I placed this is in his room."

Oooooo, I want to know what it is!

"A recording device?!" Y/N exclaimed in shock.

"Shhh, he'll hear you!" Yukino hushed. "So I went through the recording on the train here, and about 10 minutes into the recording he started mumbling someone's name."

Dude what the heck, that's actually so creepy.

1) where did Yukino get the recording device.

2) when the hell did she get the chance to put it in my room.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! You recorded him sleeping?" She yelled in shock.

"Look, do you want to know or not?!" Yukino said, completely dodging the question.

"Well! Who is it!?" Y/N yelled. I still couldn't see her, but I could practically HEAR her smile.

"Okay, well it's only a theory, but I'm pretty sure it's... "

She was intrupted by a knock at the door.

"Room service!!" I heard a male voice call out.

"I didn't order room service..." Y/N said.

"Coming. Don't worry, I'll get it Y/N," Yukino said before leaving the room.

"Hi, did you order... Well, aren't you a cute thing," the male said as he looked up from his clipboard.

"Oh, Thank you," She smiled "So, what do you need?" Y/N questioned.

"Did you order a... Large strawberry cake?" He chuckled, looking secretly Y/N up and down, when she wasn't looking.

"Uhhh," Y/N paused to look at Yukino. "I think you've got the wrong room, she's just down the hall" She laughed and scratched her head.

"Really?" He said as he looked at the door number again, "Oh shoot! My bad," He laughed as his face went slightly red..

"It's really okay! I hope you don't get in trouble for delivering the food a tad late," Y/N smiled and closed the door. "Well, that was in interesting turn of events," She giggled as she looked back at Yukino, man I could listen to that laugh all day.

Before they could say another word to each other, someone started bashing on their door again. "Y/N!! STING!! YOU'RE LATE! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE AT THE BEACH THIRTY MINUTES AGO!! AND DON'T PRETEND THAT I DON'T KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE TOO YUKINO!! SO GET OUT HERE BEFORE I MAKE YOU!" I heard Ezra call out, I think I get why everyone is so scared of her now...

"I see you're a bit busy, for this intrusion," He smiled before turning and walking away, before quickly turning back around "I hope to see you around," He winked and blew her a kiss.

"Ugh gross, anyway let's get going before Erza tries to kill us," Y/N laughed, walking back into the room, grabbing her stuff and leaving.

"Wait up!" Yukino laughed, running out after her.

Once the girls left, I slowly walked out from my room. I swear, it took SO much restraint to not jump out and give that guy a beating he would never forget.

"Oh! Sting, there you are! We were looking for you everywhere!" Natsu called out.

"Sorry, wait, why aren't you with Lucy?" I questioned, expecting him to basically stay glued to her.

"That's why we wanted to find you! The girls went to the beach without us so we came to look for you before we went down as well," Natsu said.

"First off, yes. Second of all, we?" I asked, slightly confused.

"Yeah, we're all here," he said, gesturing towards his left. I poked my head outside to see all the guys where there. The dragon slayers had their arms crossed, tapping their feet on the ground as they waited for me.

"You took long enough," Gajeel grunted, as he stared at me, in anger and annoyance. 

"Let's go!" Natsu called out, before sprinting off to the beach, completely forgetting the rest of us were there. We all laughed slightly and followed in his footsteps.

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