Mating Season?!? (11)

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Y/N P.O.V.

"I can't believe Master made us do this," I complained to Yuki.

"Oh, come on Y/N. It's not that bad," she said, quite annoyed with my constant whining.

"YES, IT IS!" I cried.

"Y/N! We're just going to Sabertooth to get Sting and Rogue because Master needs to talk to them," she said, face palming.

"True, but...we're on a TRAIN," I yelled, about to be sick.

"Oh Y/N...." Yuki sweat dropped.

*~Time Skip to Sabertooth~*

"Oh, hey Y/N. What brings you here?" Rogue asked me when I walked in.

"Oh, Master... I mean, Makarov needs to talk to you and Sting about the trip our guilds are going on next week," I told him.

"Oh, okay. I'll go get Sting," he responded, about to walk away, but I quickly grabbed his arm.

"Actually, Sting usually comes to visit me so I feel like it would be funny to surprise him," I asked, slightly embarrassed.

"Oh okay, just so you know, we bought this special wall we put in Sting's office that we can't pass though without this lacrima." Rouge said as he passed a  light blue lacrima to me, "We have the force field so he can't escape his office, he'd never get work done otherwise," I walked up to Sting's office and opened the door to see the window wide open.

"Oh, god... You have got to me kidding me," Rogue sweat dropped, running towards the window....

I smirked, thinking of an idea.

"Rogue, follow me," I ran outside, but not before telling Lector what he needs to do.

Once we got outside, I see Sting floating in the pool on those floaty chairs with one foot hanging in the pool, clearly having a very pleasant dream. And I won't even lie, he looks pretty cute like this.

"Okay, Lector, Yuki, go!" I whispered to the exceeds.

On my signal, they flew out to the middle of the pool where Sting was, holding a bucket of ice and tipped it on him.

"AHHH," the white dragon slayer yelled, falling into the pool.

"WHAT THE HELL GUYS!! I was having a great dream about Y/....." Sting yelled, trailing off when he spotted me.

"Y/N!!? What are you doing here?!! You never come to visit!!" Sting yelled, swimming to the edge of the pool and jumping out with a massive smile on his face.

You know his abs look nice when they're wet.... HOLD UP, DID I JUST SAY THAT?! I SWEAR THAT WASN'T ME.

"Hi Sting, Makarov said he wants to talk to you and Rogue back at the guild," I say, still slightly blushing over my previous thoughts.

"Oh, okay. Well, I'll go get changed," he said, running off to where I assume must be his room.

"We might as well wait for him outside," Rogue stated, still quite emotionless.

"Frosh thinks so too!" The tiny exceed yelled, coming out of nowhere.

*~Time Skip to Fairy Tail~*

Thank god we made it out of that train. The whole way, Lector was gloating about how great Sting is while all us dragon slayers were out cold.

"So what did Makarov want to talk to us about anyway?" Sting asked, still slightly green.

"Oh yeah, Master wanted to talk to all the dragon slayers before we go on holiday," I responded, not really paying attention.

"Oh, that makes sense, I guess," Sting responded while Rogue just nodded.

"Ah well, here we are," I said, opening the doors.

"MASTER, I got Sting and Rogue," I yelled, leading them to Master's office.

"Come in," I heard Master call out.

I opened the door to see Wendy, Natsu, and Gajeel sitting, waiting for us with Master.

"Thank god you're here, I was getting so bored," Natsu complained.

"Natsu, be quiet, this is very important!" Master yelled, extending his hand out and hitting him.

"Anyway, as you should know, Sabertooth and Fairy Tail are going on a holiday for three weeks soon... Sadly, it turns out dragon mating season falls exactly on those three weeks. So I will need each of you to tell me who you have any remote feelings for," Master finished, causing us all to blush wildly, well except for me and Wendy.

"Uh, Master. What even is dragon mating season?" I asked, having no idea what's going on.

"Ah well, dragon mating season occurs every year and it turns out I have the book about it right here," Makarov said, dropping a book in front of us, we opened the book and started reading.

dragon mating season occurs every year: When dragons were still around, they would go into a frenzy trying to find a mate around this time of year and because dragon slayers are part dragon, they will undergo three stages during the mating season. There are three stages to mating season. (Note that dragon slayers only start going through the effects of mating season at age 16)

stage one which occurs during the first week will cause the dragon slayers to be extra clingy and protective around their chosen mate. (also note that dragon slayers will not undergo any effects if they have not found their mate) This is a minor effect and should not cause much of a hassle unless some try to initiate a romantic or sexual relationship with the chosen mate. Also, if the mate is harmed, they will go into a frenzy and kill or come close to whoever harms their mate.

stage two which occurs during the second week will cause temporary personality changes in the dragon slayer, mainly personality changes that are meant to attract the chosen mate. So if there is a personality trait that the mate isn't very attracted to, that personality trait will be lost until the dragon slayer has mated or mating season has ended.

stage three which occurs during the third and last week is the most dangerous so if the chosen mate does not want to be mated with, keep them as far away from the dragon slayer as possible. At this point, the dragon slayer will try to control their urges in fear of hurting their mate, but by the end of the week, the dragon slayers will give into their mating instincts and mate with the chosen mate whether they want to or not.

So please remember if you're a chosen mate -

- Stay close to the dragon slayer as they will worry very easily.

- If you are planning to mate with the dragon slayer, you should mate with them near the start of the third week before their mating instincts take over them.

- Also remember, mating is for life, once you mate, you can never go back.

Closing the book, I looked at Master.

"This is great and all, but I can tell you who's gonna mate with who right now," I said, smirking, looking around the room.

"Gajeel with Levy, Natsu with Lucy, Wendy with Romeo, even though she's too young to mate yet, Rogue with none because he's an emotionless husk, and I have no idea who Sting's with. Master, I'll tell you who I like once everyone is out," I said, pointing to each person when I was talking about them.

They all just stared at me, jaws dropped, but when I turned to Sting, he was just blushing madly.

"Uhh.. see Y/N, the p..person I really like is.."

Before he could finish, I cut him off.

"No, don't tell me! I want to find out myself."

I really want to work out who he likes for myself.. becuase he's the only I actually like.. I know it's only been 4 months but I can't help how these things work.

"Ah, I understand Y/N," Makarov said, slowly nodding.

"What!?" I yelled...

How the hell did he hear me...

Oh well, I guess I should start preparing for next week because I feel like it may get crazy.

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