Moonlight Stroll (18)

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*~Last Time~*

I stood there, my hands resting on his shoulders and his hands on my waist, the only sounds were the sounds of our slow breaths and the waves crashing on the shore.


He paused to lift up my chin with one hand so I was looking at him.

"I love you," he said before connecting our lips.

I didn't know what to think, but I soon returned the kiss. This continues, our lips moving against each other's in perfect sync until we needed to pull apart for air. We were both left there, panting and faces slightly flushed.

"Sorry, I've been wanting to do that for a long time," he confessed to me.

"N..No, it's fine."

"Hey, do you want to go find everyone else?"

"Yeah, okay. Let's go," I said, grabbing his hand and walking back to the hotel.


Sting P.O.V.

"Y/N?" I called out as I peered into her room.

"Yeah?" She was sitting on her bed, drying her hair.

"I was wondering... ~Do you want to go out for dinner tonight?~" I sang out.

"~Wow, is The Great Sting Eucliffe asking me on a date?~" She said in a teasing tone.

"Do you want to or not!?" I yelled back.

"Yeah, sure! I'll get ready," she yelled, running to her closet.

After she ran into her room to go get ready, I walked into my own.

"Okay, Sting. Calm down, nothing too bad. All that's happening is asking your dream girl to be your mate! Nothing bad," I said to myself, pacing back and forth, trying to calm myself, but overall just making everything worse.

"Okay, okay. Just pick an outfit to wear," I sighed, running my hands through my hair. "Okay, just tuxedo... what if that's too formal? Okay, I'll wear my usual outfit... What if that's too casual and she thinks I'm a slob and rejects me!" I started freaking out even more than I was before thanks to the great thing known as fear and the fact THAT I CAN LITERALLY DIE AND OR KILL HER IF SHE REJECTS ME.

"Hey, Sting? You ready?" I heard a knock at my door as Y/N called out to me.

"Uhh, yeah just give me a second!" I called out, my voice faltering.

"Okay! Just hurry up, slowpoke!" She giggled as I heard her walking away from my door. I quickly put on a simple outfit and ran out into the main room to meet up with Y/N.

Sting wore either of these outfits

"Okay, let's go," Y/N called out as she saw me walk out of my room

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"Okay, let's go," Y/N called out as she saw me walk out of my room. On our walk to the restaurant, we laughed and chatted the whole way there.

"This is a pretty nice place," Y/N said, looking around when we sat down.

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