Training Part 2 (8)

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I was woken up by the sound of my alarm clock angrily beeping at me.

"Time for a new day," I groaned, slipping out of my bed and opening my curtains to let light into the room... except it was still dark out.

"Nope. It's too early," I said to myself as I flopped back on my bed.

"Y/N, what's going on?" Yuki asked as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

"Nothing, go back to sleep" I groaned, burying my face in my pillow.

"Didn't you promise Juvia to train at 3?" She asked.

"Yes, but I'm sure she won't mind if I'm like.. 15 minutes late," I sighed. "Or three hours," I added as I closed my eyes.

"Just get going Y/N!" Yuki yelled as she jumped on top of me.

"Okay! I'm getting ready!" I said as I got out of bed walking to my wardrobe half asleep.

(Pick one of these)

I looked in the mirror at the mess that I called my hair

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I looked in the mirror at the mess that I called my hair. I quickly brushed it and tied it up in a messy bun. I decided against makeup cause, IT'S 3 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING! I DESERVE TO GO BARE FACED!

"Bye Yuki, I'll see you at the guild," I said before leaving but Yuki had already fallen back asleep.

I left the dorm rooms to be met with the cold winds lashing against my skin like thousands of knives. I walked my way to the guild, taking in my surroundings as breath I took produced a light fog that would swirl into the air before dissipating. Throughout my walk, I felt someone's eyes on me but whenever I turned around there was no one there.

I think I'm going crazy.

Eventually, I arrived at the guild, still half asleep. I realized that I haven't actually looked at the guild from the outside, only from the inside.

"Wow, the guild looks so grand from the outside," I mentioned.

I start to walk over to the doors while still admiring the large building. I didn't realize how fast I was walking until...


"I see you're wide awake," Juvia laughed at my failure, as she was jogging on the spot and stretching her arms.

"Shut up, you were the one that made me get up this early," I groaned as I rubbed my now sore nose.

"Isn't it great to be up this early? All the animals are still fast asleep, the only light we have to see is the stray street light or the natural light of the moon. Kind of makes you feel alive doesn't it?!" She exclaimed, clearly excited about the day to come.

"Yeah, it's great," I groaned, seeming more on the dead side of the living vs dead spectrum.

"Now! We are going to run two laps of the town!" She ordered.

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