The Morning After (19)

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"Nnngg," I moaned as I was woken up by the flood of light rushing into my room as the sun rose.

I tried to get out of my bed but was stopped by an arm wrapped around my waist. I traced the arms up to the owner's shoulder to discover that it was Sting who had his arm wrapped around my waist. I tried to wiggle my way out of his arms, but they only tightened around me.

"Sting... wake uppp," I whispered, slightly shaking him.

"Noooo, let me sleep," he groaned, rolling over.

Only then, did I notice the long scratch marks trailing down from his shoulder blades past where the sheets covered him.

"Sting, seriously!" I exclaimed, scooting closer to the tired dragon slayer, wrapping my arms around him, resting my head on his neck.

"Waakkeee uppp," I complained.

"Okayyy," he groaned, rolling back over so he was facing me.

"Hey," I whispered, looking into his eyes.

"Hey, how are you feeling?" He asked, starting to play with my hair.

"Sore," I giggled as a smirk started forming on his lips.

"Oh~ Is that so? Will I have to carry my lady around all day?" He said in a teasing tone.

"Shut up," I muttered, punching his shoulder.

"So... Are we gonna tell everyone about...well us?" He asked, the mood instantly becoming more serious.

"W..Well I don't think anyone would have a problem with...Us," I stuttered as I was uncomfortable with the conversation I had found myself a part of.

"I think I should tell your master first."

"Yeah... that would probably be a good idea," I sighed, imagining what would happen if he wasn't the first to find out...


"Well, we should probably get going..." I sighed, getting out of bed before realising that my clothes were still scattered around the room from the night before.

"KYAAA!" I squealed, falling to the floor in an attempt to cover myself.

"You know I've seen you before, right?" Sting sighed.

"S...Shut u..up and look away I can change," I stuttered, my face going an extremely bright shade of red.

"Fine! But if you don't hurry up, I'm dressing you myself," he said, turning away so he was looking at a wall instead of me. I quickly scrambled to find my clothes that were scattered all over the room. I had to find a new outfit to wear, all the while checking to make sure Sting wasn't looking, which to my surprise, he wasn't.

"O..Okay, I'm changed," I said, turning towards Sting who had also gotten changed.

"Good! You take forever," he exclaimed, jumping off the bed he was laying on.

"Let's just go! I think everyone is going to the beach again," I said, grabbing my beach bag.

"Okay, let's head off!" He yelled, running towards the door. Eventually, after getting lost somehow in the hotel, we made it to the beach where, to our surprise, not everything was on fire...

Wait, where is Natsu?

"Sting!! You came!" Lector came running up, jumping into my arms while yelling at Sting.

"Sorry, buddy! I was caught up with Y/N last night," he said, ruffling the exceed's maroon fur.

"Oh! What were you guys doing?" He tilted his head to the side as he asked.

"Well, you see buddy, last night Y/N and I.. OW!" Before he could finish his sentence, I stomped on his foot HARD.

"He took me out to get dinner and ice cream," I said, moving the exceed so I could look him in the eyes.

"Y..yeah, we did that," he said, trying to mask the pain in his voice.

"That would have been so fun!!" Lector exclaimed, throwing his arms in the air. I placed Lector on the ground and waved bye to the boys as I ran towards Mira.

"Hey, Mira! Have you seen Natsu? I just noticed there's a lack of fire and destruction."

"Huh? Oh hey, Y/N. Yeah, Natsu and Lucy didn't come to the beach today, I don't know why, though," she said, flashing me a smile. Her grin widened as she looked over my shoulder and behind me.

"What is it, Mira?" I asked, making an attempt to turn around, but Mira grabbed my shoulders to hold me in place. Leaning forward to whisper in my ear, she pulled me close.

"A certain white dragon slayer is staring at you," she giggled as I felt a slight blush creep onto my cheeks.

"Ooooh, is Y/N blushing because of ~hiiiiimmmm~" Mira poked my cheeks.

"... Of course not," I swatted her hands away.

"I heard the hesitation in your answer. I noticed something else too," Mira stood straight, finally leaning out of my face.

"You always notice ridiculous things," I muttered.

"You're right, but this time, it's quite strange and confusing. You ran over to me in an awkward way. It wasn't your usual run, your legs were moving oddly," she scratched her head in thought.

"I.... Uh, I fell down the stairs this morning," I blurted, speaking of the first thing that came into my head other than last night with Sting.

"Really? What stairs?"


Did the hotel even have stairs?

"Why didn't you use the elevator?" Mira stared at me.

"I thought of exercising from time to time," I sheepishly grinned.

"Are you drunk?" Mira leaned in close to my face again, holding my stare with her blue eyes piercing into my own E/C orbs.

"M-Mira, what would make you think that?"

"You couldn't walk straight, you're flustered, you're stuttering and hesitating when you talk, and your eyes are wandering around like crazy. *gasp* I think I know," she abruptly pulled me into her arms, crushing me. Frantically looking around, she leant close to my face again, speaking in a hushed whisper.

"Did you and Stin-"

I slapped my hand over her mouth, cutting her off.

"Don't finish that sentence. I'm sure your thoughts are already running wild and I don't have control over that, but some of us here are dragon slayers, Which means our senses are enhanced. Especially during mating season," I narrowed my eyes at her. "That includes enhanced....hearing."

I made sure to put an emphasis on each word as I gritted them out so Mira would be able to understand. In an instant, a devilish grin formed on Mira's face.

"I'm sure that Natsu and Lucy are missing for the same reasons," I quickly changed the topic.

"Well then, I can't wait for tonight," she smirked, a dark aura surrounding her.

"What's tonight?"

"Just a friendly party," she smiled innocently.

".....I don't trust you," I said, slowly backing away.

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