Meeting The Gang (3)

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Y/N P.O.V.

"GRAY, FIGHT ME!" A male voice exclaimed.

"YOU WANT TO GO FLAME-BREATH?!" Another male voice?

"Are we fighting boys?" A scary sounding female stated.

"No ma'am!" Both the males said in sync.

"Guys, be quiet. She's waking up," a kind female voice spoke.

I slowly open my eyes to see a pair of black eyes staring back at me.

"AHHHH, stay away," I yelled, punching the person.

"Hahaha! Flame Brain, you got beat by a girl," the black haired male stated while walking up to me.

"AHHH CREEPY!" I punched him too.

"Jesus Christ, you hit hard," he responded, rubbing his jaw slightly.

"WHY ARE YOU NOT WEARING CLOTHES?" I screamed when I noticed his 'unfortunate situation'

"Shoot!" He yelled, running around trying to find his clothes.

I turned around to my left to see a busty blonde leaning on the table face palming and a scarlet haired woman standing next to her eating a cake?

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I'm Erza, and this is Lucy," the scarlet haired female said, gesturing to the girl next to her.

"I'm Gray," the now clothed black haired boy introduced himself.

"And I'm Nastu! FIGHT ME!" He exclaimed before getting hit by Erza.

"As you can probably tell, Gray has a habit of removing his clothes and Natsu is a bit too excited because he wanted to fight you," Erza explained while shooting the two boys a glare.

"Wait a second... I smell a dragon," Natsu said while walking towards me.

"Why do you smell like the ocean and a dragon?" Natsu said, looking serious.

"Oh, she's a water dragon slayer," an old looking man said as he walked into the room like it was nothing.

"The hell is a dragon slayer?" I questioned.

"Dragon slayer... FIGHT ME," he yelled, lighting his hands on fire.

I got scared and held my hands up in front of me. I heard a sizzle and I looked to see that my hands had bubbles of water surrounding them and I had put Natsu's flames out.

Registering in...








Bing... Registration complete.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" We screamed in unison.

A young blue haired girl ran in with a long black haired male right behind her.

"AHHH get it off, get it off," I yelled, shaking my arm, trying to get the water off.

"So that's why we smelt a dragon," the young blue haired girl said, looking at the black haired male.

"By the way, my name is Wendy. I'm a sky dragon slayer and this is Gajeel, he is an iron dragon slayer," Wendy said. "Also these are our exceeds, Carla who is mine, Pantherlily who is Gajeel's, and Happy who is Natsu's," Wendy added.

"This is great and all, BUT CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN WHY THE HELL I HAVE WATER SURROUNDING MY HANDS!!!" I complained, getting pretty fed up with the situation I was in.

"As I said before, you're a water dragon slayer," the old man said.

"And as I said before, WHAT IS A DRAGON SLAYER?!"

Okay, so I may have been slightly mean, but I was tired, damn it! I deserve to be yelling in a situation like this.

"It means that you were taught your magic at a young age by a dragon of your element. In your case, a water dragon," Erza explained.

"Just a small problem, MAGIC ISN'T REAL!"

Great, I'm stuck in a hospital with a bunch of crazy people.

"Is she seriously questioning the magic and not the whole 'she was raised by a dragon' part?" A small blue exceed laughed.

"SHUT IT, CAT!" I hissed.

"AHH, NATSU! SHE SOUNDS LIKE LUCY!" The cat yelled as he flew behind Natsu.

"Why is a cat flying... CATS CAN'T FLY?!" I yelled after I saw A CAT SPROUT WINGS AND FLY!

"Wow, you must have been beaten up bad," Gray muttered as he looked closer at me.

"Beat up?"

"Yeah. Mirajane found you lying outside the guild yesterday. You were bleeding, covered in bruises, dirt, and your clothes were slightly singed... like you had been burnt," Erza explained.

"What even is your name?" Lucy asked me.


"Oh my god... She has amnesia," Lucy whispered in shock.

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