Guild Masters Business? (9)

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Over the past 3 months, a lot had been happening in my life. Much to my disappointment, Makarov forced me to continue my dragon slater training with Juvia. As much as she loved to work me down to the bone (and believe me, she REALLY did), I had come a long way in our short time together. I was almost in full control of my powers, with the exception of a few spells of course.

It's not perfect of course, some nights I'd wake up and find myself floating through the room in a giant bubble. Honestly, almost drowning hadn't been the rudest of awakenings I had come to expect.

Regardless, life had been good. Well, mostly good. 

"STING, give that back!!" I yelled, rage pumping through my body.

"HAHAHAHA, you'll have to catch me first!"

I've been chasing this dragon slayer around for 10 minutes because he thought it would be funny to steal my diary. Spoiler alert, it was not.

"STING!! Give it back now!!" I yelled.

"Why... Are there secrets in it?" He questioned.

"W...What....n...N...NO!! Why would you think that!?!" I yelled at him.

The truth is, I do have quite a few secrets in there, but Sting doesn't need to know that. I mean, what else would I keep in a diary. 

"Well, you see Y/N, your cheeks turning red and stuttering tell me otherwise," he smirked.

"I... I told you there's nothing in t..there!" I blushed.

"Well if there isn't anything in here, I guess you wouldn't mind me looking?" He said while starting to open the book, but before he could read anything, he was stopped by a knock at the door.

"STING! As much as I would love to hear your lame attempts at flirting, we have to go back to the guild!" Rogue called out to the guild master.

"FINE! Cya Y/N," he said while walking out and placing my diary on my desk on the way out.

"Oh, thank god, that's over," I sighed to myself, putting my diary in a more secure place. Making sure not to lose the key next time. 

Sting P.O.V.

Rogue and I started to head back to the Sabertooth Guild.

"Hey Rogue, where are Lector and Frosh?" I asked Rogue, rather worried.

"Don't worry, I told them to start to head to the guild before us since you were having your little flirt session," Rogue said with a smug look on his face.

"I WAS NOT FLIRTING!! I DON'T EVEN LIKE HER!!" I yelled at him while blushing 50 shades of red.

"Say what you will, but remember that time you had a dream about her and woke up with a-"

I cut him off before he could finish.

"WE AGREED TO NEVER TALK ABOUT THAT EVER AGAIN!" I yelled at him, blushing more if that was even possible at the moment.

"Talk about what boys?" I hear someone say behind me.

"AHH!!" Rogue and I scream at the same time. We turn around to see Minerva laughing her butt off.

"That wasn't funny," Rogue yelled at Minerva.

"Awww, is little Rogue upset?" She said while fake pouting.

"What are you doing outside?" I asked her.

"Unlike you, loner, I have a life. I was getting food and drinks," she held up two bags filled with assorted food and drinks.

"I AM NOT A LONER!" I pouted.

"Then be a slave and hold these bags," she threw the bags at my face.

Grumbling, I caught them and ran to the guild, leaving Minerva and Rogue behind.

When I got back to the guild with the bags, I dropped them onto the ground, resting until Rogue and Minerva arrived at the guild. As soon as Minerva came through the doors, she looked at me, then the bags.

"You better not have destroyed anything or else you're paying for it."

"Yeah, yeah." I just rolled my eyes and hopped up from my seat and went over to Lector.

"Hey Lector," I called out to him while waving my hand.

"Oh...hey Sting," Lector said with a low tone in his voice.

"Buddy, what's the long face for?" I asked him.

"Well ever since Y/N came along, you've always been going over to Fairy Tail which occupies your time, so you haven't really been talking to me as much as you used to. I just feel like you're becoming closer to Y/N than me," Lector said while looking down.

"W...What! Lector, that's not true. You're the best friend I've ever had, nobody can replace you. Also, the reason I go to Fairy Tail more often is because of guild master duties," I said to Lector while looking at him straight in the eyes.

"Hehe yeah, I guess you're right. Also, what duties do you have in Fairy Tail?" Lector asked.

"Oh, you know, just meetings," I answered.

"Oh, but why are they held in Y/N's dorm in Fairy Hills?" Lector asks.

"W..what, no you have the wrong idea, never mind," I said while sweat dropping.

I decided to catch up on some paperwork so I stood up from my seat to head over to my office, but as soon I turned to face the guild.... EVERYONE was staring at us...

"W..what is it guys?" I asked, quite confused.




People in the guild started yelling out. I just started blushing and fast walked to my office.

As soon as I got to my office, I slammed the door behind me and leant on the wall. I took a second to calm down and realised something.

I put my hand on the left side of my chest, my heartbeat was going at a rapid speed, I felt like it would burst out of my chest. I also felt a weird feeling in my stomach.

Why do I feel this way?

She's just work.

Nothing more, nothing less.


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