Holiday Start! (12)

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Y/N's P.O.V.

"Come on Y/N, wake up! It's the day we go on holiday," Yuki called out, trying to get me out of bed, but it's so comfortable here! So I just threw a pillow at her in an attempt to get her to go away.

"Hey, Y/N? Is that Sting outside about to kiss that girl?!" Yuki called out, sounding shocked, good for him...


"WHERE IS SHE!!" I yelled, running to the window with almost no control of my actions.

"Woah, Y/N, calm down! I was only joking, trying to get you out of bed," Yuki called out, flying in front of me, trying to stop me from going on a rampage.

"Yuki! Don't say that! You know it's mating season! I don't have very good control of my emotions at the moment," I yelled, trying to explain how easily I lose control now.

"I'm sorry! But at least you're up, because we have to go, NOW!" She yelled, grabbing our bags.

*~Time Skip~*

"Finally. You're here, Y/N," Natsu yelled from behind Lucy, still clinging to her.

"Y/N? Where!" Sting lunged out from the crowed the second he heard my name and instantly clung to me.

"Missed you," he said, his face buried in my hair.

"Yeah, you too, anyway who are you sharing a room with?" I asked, hoping it wasn't with some stupid girl.

"I don't know yet, but apparently all the mates are together," he explained.

Oh, so Master was trying to put the dragon slayer with their chosen mate so we don't blow up half the island trying to get to our mates...

Seems legit.

"Oi, lovebirds! Get over here, the train's leaving!" Yuki called out, trying to pull our bags onto the train.

"Come on, let's go help Yuki," I said, moving away from Sting.

I almost heard a growl from Sting when I pulled away so I quickly grabbed his hand and ran to Yuki, grabbing our bags and running onto the train, (A/N All the dragon slayers were given motion sickness pills) getting a seat for all of us.

"Now before we leave, everyone needs to know their rooms;

Natsu with Lucy

Gajeel with Levy

Romeo with Wendy

Gray with Juvia

Rogue with Yukino (A/N No, they are not mates)

Y/N with Sting

And all the exceeds are sharing one room by themselves. Any complaints?" Master said once he finished all he heard was a resounding 'NO,' especially from all the dragon slayers.

"Well, let's head off!" Master yelled.

*~Time skip to Resort~*

"Wooo! We are here!!" I yelled, running off the train, straight towards the rooms, but before I could even get to the doors of the resort, I was grabbed by Gray and dragged all the way back to the group.

"OI! Get your hands off her, Ice Breath," Sting yelled, grabbing me, glaring daggers at Gray, who had put his hands up, surrendering.

"Anyway, as I was about to say before Y/N ran off, everyone has about two hours to settle into their rooms and explore the hotel. After that, we're all meeting at the beach for the afternoon to watch the sunset together," Mirajane told us all the plans for the rest of the day while the dragon slayers were trying to sneak away with their mates.

"Sweet! Sting let's go, I NEED food!" I yelled, grabbing his hand and running straight to our room, we ran up three sets of stairs to get to our hotel room.

"Sweet, we should have a great view!" I yelled, running up to our door unlocking it and running straight in the room, planning to claim the best bedroom. I ran into what at the time I assumed to be the biggest bedroom.

"THIS ONE IS MINE!" I yelled out, wanting to make sure I had the best room, yes, I would like to share a room with Sting... but I feel like sharing a room with him isn't a good idea.

Well, at least for a while

Something I should probably explain is during mating season we all have an inner-monologue, that kinda talks to us and persuades us to give into our mating instincts, and also just voices our innermost desires. I start unpacking my bag when Sting knocks on my door and opens it.

"Hey, after you finish unpacking how about we go and explore the hotel?" he asked me, leaning on the door frame.

"Yeah, sure! Let me just have a shower first," I said, grabbing my towel, bathing suit, and some clothes to wear over it, and walking to the bathroom.

Sting's P.O.V.

"I guess while she's having her shower, I'll start unpacking," I said to myself, walking back towards my room which happened to be right next to Y/N's, as in there is only a wall separating us.

I walk into my room and grab my bag, looking through it, putting things in their designated place. Once I had almost finished unpacking, I heard a quiet melody coming from Y/N's room. Curious, I pressed my ear to the wall separating us, which to my surprise was basically as thin as paper. I was listening to what she was singing until I was snapped out of my trance by a knock at the door.

"Hey Y/N, can you let me in? I need to talk to you," Yukino called out from outside the hotel door.

...I don't think she'll mind if I just listen in for a bit...

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