Locked out (2)

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Y/N P.O.V.

"Now who can tell me what the square root of  is 25?" The teacher questioned.

"I know!" Jessica piped in.

"Yes, Jessica?"

"6.5!" She exclaimed, sounding quite proud of herself.

"Sorry, that's wrong Jessica," the teacher exclaimed while Jessica sat there huffing angrily.

"It's actually 5," I shyly added.

"Very good, Y/N!" The teacher exclaimed before turning her back towards the class to write some questions on the board.

"Show off!" Jessica hissed.

"Yeah! You teacher's pet," her minions whisper-yelled.

"Please solve this equation," the teacher said before moving to her desk.

'Okay, X =  10² x 5

'10 x 10 = 100'

'100 x 5 = 500'

"X equals 500," I blurted out.

"Thank you Y/N, but next time please raise your hand when answering a question."

"I was going to say that!" Jessica hissed, which in response I just stuck out my tongue like the true adult I am!

"Jessica, stop talking in my class."

"But Miss...." She started arguing.

"No buts! Be quiet."

"Old hag," she whispered under her breath.

"That's it! Principal's office now!" Jessica quickly gathered her stuff and started walking out the classroom.

"Now," the teacher paused. "Work on these sheets until the end of the lesson and hand them in when the bell rings." She ordered while passing out the sheets.

What even is this?! When did math go from learning numbers and equations to the alphabet?! Is that a tree? WHY IS THERE A TREE ON THE SHEET!

*~Time skip to the end of the lesson~*

"Have a good day everyone!" The teacher smiled as she collected everyone's sheets and dismissed them from class.

"Hey Chris!" I smiled, walking up to my friend.


"Chris?" I questioned again, tapping him on the shoulder.

Oh yeah, he's not talking to me.

"Hey, I told you I didn't mean what I said," I apologized for what seemed like the 10000th time.

"I know you meant it," he hissed before walking away.

I shrugged off the whole Chris thing and went to my locker to grab my stuff. I plugged in my headphones and walked down to the bus stop, completely ignoring the world around me.

Eventually the bus arrived and I got on, finding my usual seat at the back. I leaned on the window in an attempt to ignore the constant kicking of my chair by the 7-year-old boys behind me.

"Anyone getting off?" The bus lady called out and I quickly scrambled off the bus, ensuring not to make eye contact with anyone as I got off.

"Than-" Before I got to thank the bus lady, the steel door was closed in my face and the bus took off.

"k you," I sighed, walking into my apartment building. T_T Why are there so many stairs!? I climbed to the top and had to stand there catching my breath for a good 3 minutes... I really should do more exercise.

I walked up to my room, lifting up the welcome mat to grab my keys... except they're not there.

"Oh, no," I whispered to myself as I emptied the contents of my bag on the floor.

"No no no no no NO!" I dug through the pile of books, pencils, and stray sheets of paper, but nothing.

"Damn it!" I yelled, leaning on the door and banging my head against it.


"Hahaha. I don't suppose you can unlock a door, can you Yuki?" I laughed to myself... I've officially gone crazy.

Asking a cat to unlock a door?!

"I'LLLL DIEE OUT HEREE!" I yelled. I jumped up off the ground only to hear a slight jingle of keys.

"Don't freaking tell me," I sweat dropped as I reached for my back pocket, and there they were.


"Stupid keys, stupid door," I mumbled to myself as I finally unlocked to door.

"Hey, Yuki! Miss me girl?" I questioned as I scratched her behind the ear.


"You hungry?" I asked...

I really need to stop talking to my cat.


"I'll take that as a yes, you do eat way too much girl," I sighed as I got her food out.

"~Home work tiiiiimmee~" I sang out as I sat down at my desk. I worked at my desk for the next 3 hours, and by worked for 3 hours I mean did homework for about 10 minutes then got distracted on my phone.

"Haha, that's actually pretty funny," I laughed to myself as I scrolled through my social media, only to be interrupted by a bright light shining through my window.

"What the?" I pushed my curtains out of the way to see lightning was thundering down all over the town, making the darkness of night almost seem like day. I walked over to my TV, switching it to the local news.

"My name is Lily Fosring and we are interrupting your usual program with an urgent new story. Over to James who is at the sight." The news reporter said before the screen cut to a male reporter.

"Thanks Lily. I'm here in the town of Y/T (A/N your town) where in the last 10 minutes lightning has been coming down nonstop. Scientists still don't have an explanation for what is going on, but the head of police has issued a warning telling all citizens to stay indoors. The question still remains, what is happening? Back to you Lily."

"Thanks James, next u-" I turned off the TV, knowing all that I needed to.

"Stay here Yuki! I need to go make sure no one is outside!" Yes, I shouldn't go outside but there are often stray cats and dogs running around the street and I want to make sure they're all okay... Plus I won't go far, it should be fine.

"Anyone out here?!" I called out as I left the safety of my apartment complex.

"Hello!" I called out, walking a bit further as well as trying to shield myself from the strong winds and rain that had joined the party.

"LADY! GET INSIDE IT'S DANGEROUS OUT THERE!!" A bystander called out from inside.

"I'll be fi-" My sentence was cut short and I was deafened by a loud bang and a searing pain that went through my body. I screamed out in agony as I collapsed on the ground, unable to move.

"CALL AN AMBULANCE, SOMEONE HAS BEEN HIT!" I heard a commotion going on around.

"Can you hear me?! Stay with me lady! We're going to get you to the hospital," I tried to reach out or do anything at all to signal to the man that I was okay, but I wasn't able to move a single bone in my body.

"Hey! Don't fall asleep! Open your eyes, damn it!" I slowly felt exhaustion take over my body and I was unable to fight my body... everything went black.

So, if you didn't get it, you were struck by lightning T_T

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