Settling In (7)

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Y/N P.O.V.

"Mirrraa I need water!" I groaned as I flopped down on the bar.

"Wow! You look great after all that training," Mira giggled as she poured me some water.

"Your sarcasm is not appreciated at this time."

"I take it Juvia worked you hard?" She questioned as I sculled the whole glass.

"More water, and yes, she worked me way too hard!" I sighed.

"Hey, Y/N, did you ever get your guild mark?" Natsu asked, sitting down next to me.

"Uhhh... I don't think so...?" I responded, not sure of my answer.

"Well, you'll need it," he laughed.

"Hey Mira, can you please get Y/N and Yuki their guild marks?" He asked the busty bartender.

"Yeah, sure! What color would you want it and where?" She asked us.

"Ummm, I would like it...white fading to blue on my left shoulder." (A/N Sorry you couldn't pick where it was and the color)

"Sure thing," she said, smirking.

"Umm, Mira, why are you smiling like that?!" I said, slightly scared.

"Well, it's just there's a certain LIGHT dragon slayer who I ship with a certain WATER dragon slayer," she responded, smiling.

"Oh...My...God! Don't tell me you ship us," I groaned as a slight blush appeared on my cheeks.

"Aww! But he caught you before and it was sooooo cute!" Mira cooed as she started to fangirl. "Anyway, where you would like it Yuki, and what color?" She asked, turning her attention away from me and towards Yuki.

"Well, I think the only place that's a suitable size and place for the mark would be my back, so can I please have it on my back and black, Mira?" Yuki said to Mira.

"Sure thing, let me just get the guild mark stamp," Mira said while walking over to the bar.

Yuki and I watched as Mira went behind the bar and reached down under the bar. When she came out from behind the bar, a wooden stamp was in her hand.

"Hey Mira, that just looks like an ordinary stamp, how long will that last?" I mentioned.

"Oh don't worry, the stamp is specifically made for wizard guilds. It's created by the guild master's magic so it is permanent. It can only be removed by leaving the guild or if the guild master removes you from the guild," Mira explained.


"We'll start with you Yuki. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt," Mira said to Yuki while sending me a glare in the latter part of her sentence.

Yuki turned her back towards Mirajane. Mira got the stamp ready in her hand and pressed it against Yuki's back. After a couple seconds, the stamp was removed from Yuki's back and there it was, the Fairy Tail guild mark on her back.

"How does it look Y/N?" Yuki asked.

"It looks great on you," I said with a smile on my face.

I pulled up the short sleeve on my left arm and turned to my side so my arm was facing Mirajane. She placed the stamp on the top arm. Seconds after, Mira removed the stamp from my arm. I looked at my arm where the guild mark was placed, honestly it's not bad!

"Thanks a lot Mira! It looks great," I said to her while smiling.

"I do have to say, it looks great," Yuki added.

"Hehe thanks, Yuki," I said back to Yuki.

"You guys better go settle down in the guild. I'm sure you'll get along great with everyone," Mira mentioned.

"Yeah, good idea. Thanks, Mira," I thanked Mira and went to go sit next to Erza.

"Hey, Erza," I said while stitting next to her.

"Oh, hello, Y/N. How are you doing so far, you know getting along with everyone?" Erza asked.

"Just fine actually, except when Juvia trained me to the point of exhaustion." I said while scratching the back of my neck.

"Well, that's not too bad of a start I guess...So Y/N have you decided where to stay yet?" Erza asked.

"Um, I'm not quite sure yet, but I'm just probably going to camp out until I find somewhere to stay," I responded.

"Well, that just won't do! We have a spare room at Fairy Hills which is our personal guild dorm," she told me.

"Well if it isn't too much trouble for everyone, that would be great," I responded.

"BRATS, LISTEN UP," Makarov yelled out.

"WE OFFICIALLY HAVE A NEW FAMILY MEMBER, Y/F/N! (A/N your full name) Let's celebrate FAIRY TAIL STYLE!!" The guild erupted into cheers.

Of course, it didn't take long for a fight to break out in the guild which I tried to say out of but some IDIOT KNOCKED OVER MY MILKSHAKE.

"WHO DID THAT!" I screeched as I stood up.

"Uhhh, him," Gray and Natsu mumbled as they pointed to each other.

"YOU WILL PAY FOR MY MILKSHAKE IN BLOOD," I growled as I pounced on them.

"Ouch... That's got to hurt" Lucy cringed as I jumped on the boys.

"Let...go," Natsu choked as I tightened my grip around his neck.

Note it was with my legs, but I mean why else would I wear heals other than to slit the throat of my enemies?

"For once we agree," Gray groaned as I choked him like I did with Natsu, but I was actually using my arms.

See, MOM! I'm multitasking, aren't you so proud!!

The festivities carried out for hours until it was late in the night. Mira had been passing around drinks to everyone and at this point, everyone was wasted.... Well, except for me, Wendy, Romeo, Levy, Juvia, and the exceeds.

"Hey, I got to get going. Juvia wants to be training super early in the morning," I said, waving goodbye to everyone...

Well, everyone who hadn't passed out.

"Man, life is gonna get pretty crazy now that everyone is involved," I sighed as I closed the doors behind me.

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