Where even am I?! (5)

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Y/N P.O.V.

"NoOooooOOOOooo!!" I yelled whilst banging on the guild's doors. "I don't want to be with these people who think magic is reeeaalll," I cried.

"Uh? Y/N are you okay?" Sting questioned, placing his hand on my shoulder.

"How do you know that name?!" I hissed.

"You just told me... like 2 minutes ago," he said, raising his hands in an 'I surrender' position.

"Oh, yeah... Sorry, I'm just a bit on edge right now. For some reason, all I remember is that I have a cat named Yuki," I sighed, looking at the ground.

"But you just told me your name," he said, looking at me like I was crazy.

"I REMEMBERED MY NAME!" I yelled, shaking him back and forth.

"Great....Dizzy.... Let....Go.." He mumbled.

"Right! Sorry!" I yelled, quickly letting go causing him to fall over.

"SORRY, again!" I yelled.

"It's fine!" He said while jumping back up like it was nothing.

"So! Where are you from?" Sting asked.


"Oh, you don't know that either?" He questioned which in response I just nodded.

"Do you know what magic you possess?" Rogue added as he walked towards us.

"Oh, no! Don't tell me you guys are crazy too!" I groaned.

"Only if you mean crazy attractive," Sting gloated before getting punched in the gut by Rogue.

"What do you mean by crazy?" Rogue questioned.

"That you guys think magic is real, duh!" I laughed.

"Um...It is," Sting replied.

"Hehe, no it's not." I laughed at his joke.

"Yeah, it is," Rogue agreed.

"No it's...not," I said, sounding less sure of myself.

"Watch this!" Sting smiled before he created a ball of light in his hands.

"I'm a light dragon slayer so I ca... What are you doing on the roof?" He sweat dropped.

"Hiding from your devil magic!" I hissed.

"My magic is literally light!" He exclaimed in frustration.

"So, you think magic isn't real, right?" Rogue questioned, a slight smirk playing on his lips.

"Well, now I don't... But I still don't possess it!" I replied.

"Look down," he said, jutting his chin below me. I looked down to see I was being kept in the air by a pillar of water.

"This is bad!" I yelled as I clung to the wall next to me. All of a sudden the water under me disappeared.

"THINGS JUST GOT WORSE!" I yelled, holding on for dear life.

"Oh, god! Uh, do you want to climb down?" Sting called out.


"Hey! I'm just trying to help!" He argued.


"Bossy," he muttered. "Okay! Let go, I'll catch you," he suggested.


"Just do it! I'll catch you!"

"NO YOU WON'T!" I cried...

It's official, I'm going to die! I either have to jump into some stranger's arms or fall and die. I think I'll just die, or stay here forever.

"Sting, I have an idea," Rogue suggested. He whispered something in Sting's ear while pointing at me.

"I don't trust you two at all!"

"Y/N," Sting said plainly.


"I can see up your skirt."

"WHAT?!!" I screamed.

I let go of the wall so I could hold my skirt...

Well played.

"I'M GONNA DIIEEEE!!" I yelled as I fell towards the ground at a high velocity, but I was caught by a pair of strong arms. I clung to whatever caught me in fear of hitting the ground.

"Well, I'm glad you're grateful and all, but you can let go of me now," Sting chuckled.

"I... I just need a minute," I sighed before letting go of Sting and standing on my now shaky legs.

"Thank you for that," I smiled warmly.

"It's no problem really!" He smiled back at me.

"So could you tell me more about dragon slayers?" I asked.

"I think it would be best if your guildmates told you about that, oh also! I wasn't lying about the skirt thing," he said before dashing towards the guild master's office.

"I'll get him back for that," Rouge laughed while ruffling up my hair and walking towards the office.

"I don't know if I like them," I said to myself while puffing out my cheeks. I walked around the guild, taking in my surroundings.

"Looking around?" Mirajane asked me, seemingly appearing out of nowhere.

"Yeah, It seems really nice."

"I assume you must have quite a few questions, right?"

"Yeah, would you mind telling me where the hell I am?

"You're at the Fairy Tail guild in the town of Magnolia!"

"Huh, I think I've heard of that before," I said while wracking my brain for the answer.

"Who hasn't?! We're the most powerful guild in all of Fiore!" She stated quite proudly.

"Oh, okay. Also, have to ask, what exactly is a guild?" I questioned.

"Oh, lord. We're going to be here a while..." She sighed, taking a seat next to me.

Poor Mira, she's going to be in for a long afternoon

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