Honeymoon #3

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A/n; duh, I'm sorry for putting a/n at the beginning but you have to read :)) idk why but i felt like not putting anyone point of view and put my own but I'll not write anything so if the point of view is someone else than I'll write it :) and this chapter actually have that scene but no, I'm underage and i won't put any scene and just describe it with not harsh word lmao. Thanks for reading :))


Two days passed and there are two days more, included today. Yesterday was really an unforgettable night to both Hayoung and Sehun. Those words that Sehun said still lingering in Hayoung's mind. She can't sleep last night because she can't forget it. She would smile eventually when she thought of it.

"I love you, Oh Hayoung. That's why I don't like you anymore."

She swears she heard it right but she still can't believe it. She couldn't even blink once, her heart was racing and she focused on her husband eyes. She thought he was joking, but she didn't see any other things in his eyes except sincerity, determination and love.
"It's okay if you didn't love me yet. I'll-"

Sehun wanted to continue his sentences but Hayoung stops her with her words.

"I love you too, Sehun." She whispered.

Sehun can't explain how happy he is when he heard those words. Earlier, he was scared that Hayoung didn't love him but her words approved his feelings for her.

Sehun hugs her tightly and kiss her hair. He never knew true love is the best feeling.

If only he meets her from the start then he wouldn't loved Ahreum.

They broke the hug and Sehun eyes averted to her collarbone. He smiles when he saw the necklace he gave to her. It suits her well.

"You wore the necklace." He stated while looking into her eyes.

At first, she was confused but then she remembers the necklace that Miss Christy gave.

"Of course." She gives him a warm smile.

With his eyes stare right into her eyes with full of love, he whispers,
"Thank you so much, Hayoung."

Hayoung smiles again as she remembered what happened last night. As she was smiling while sitting on the bed, Sehun was watching her from the side.

Yes, Sehun is watching her from the start but she can't notice his presence because she's in a deep thoughts.

Sehun feels his heart beats thumping hard and fast as he saw her smile. Her smile is his everything. How much he loves to see her smile, he needs to wake her from her thoughts because he has something to do today. But now, he's sure going to tease his wife.

"Yah!" He poked her arm.

She blinks then look to her side. She blushes when she saw Sehun.

Did he saw me smiling?  Ugh, I look like an idiot.

"Huh?" She managed to voice out.

"What are you thinking about?" He asked, more like teasing her.

"It was nothing." She muttered as she looks down on her laps.

He knew it was something.

"Really?" He smirks.

"It was about you." She blurted out.

As soon as those words come out, she widen her eyes and blush.

What the hell am I thinking? He'll tease me!

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