Home Sweet Home

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The room was a mess. Really a mess. It looks like some wild animals' cage. Well, they were wild last night. Hayoung was covered in Sehun's shirt, it was big for her while Sehun only in his boxer. They managed to wear some clothes last night after the battlefield. Hayoung told him to wear something though although Sehun was lazy to do it. Their bodies were also covered by a blanket.

Today is the day where they are going back to Korea. But they didn't pack their things up yet. Everyone knew why. So, Hayoung being herself, woke up in 6 am just to pack their things up.

Her eyelids slowly flutter open. Upon remembering what happened last night, she's blushing and happy. She turn her head to the side and found her husband still sleeping peacefully with his arm wrapped around her waist. She didn't have the heart to wake him up because she knew he's tired, well she's too but she have to. She caresses his soft cheek slowly. She smiles to herself.

"Oppa.." Somewhat, she wants to laugh out loud, "wake up."

He didn't move.

"Sehunnie." She shook his arm.

Slowly, he moves but that's it. He moved.

"Yah, wake up faster! We need to pack our things."

He tightened his arm around her waist and brought her closer. He mumbled something but she can't hear him.

"What is it?"

"5 minutes.." He muttered.

"No, your five minutes are the same with 5 hours. Wake up now." She disagreed.

"Then, why don't we stay like this for 5 hours? I'm tired from last night. I'm sure you're too." He teased her.

Her blood rushed to her cheeks.

"Sehun.." She wants to stop him from making this more embarrassed.

"Call me oppa then I'll get up."

She mentally groan.

"Oppa, wake up." She said forcefully.

"Make it more sincere."

What's wrong with this Oh Sehun? It's only 6 in the morning for God's sake!

"Oppa, wake up now." She said it sincerely.

"I'm awake." His eyes shoot open and he kisses her cheek.

He sit up and Hayoung clearly can see his bare back. She knew she has seen his fully naked body but it's different now. She's too shy.

"You don't need to shy. You've seen me naked." He stated.

Hayoung knew he's smirking.

"Yeah right, now go clean yourself. I'll clean.. this room." She stood up.

"Why don't we clean ourselves together? It's more exciting." He teased her.

She grabbed a pillow and threw it to him. It hits his back.

He chuckles and walk to the bathroom. But before he closed the door, he says something that make his wife blush hard.

"My shirt looks good on you. You should wear it everyday." He winked.

I hate you, Oh Sehun!


Both of them already breakfast, clean their self and packed their things. All done. Their room also in a good condition since Hayoung cleaned it while Sehun was showering. The only thing they need to do is; meet Mr Steven asked him to send them to the airport.

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