Wedding Day

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a/n; I'm sorry but please look back at chapter Dress, Tuxedo and Lunch because I've changed the dress and tuxedo, you can look at the media. also, i changed the description about the dress and tuxedo but you don't have to read because i didn't describe it too much. sorry! enjoy reading! :)
Oh Hayoung's Point of View

I'm standing in front of the length mirror, looking at my reflection. The girl in front of me is going to marry in a few minutes. She's going to marry a guy named Oh Sehun. A guy that is so cold and mean sometimes nice to her. She's going to walk down the aisle with her father. She's going to say the 'I do' and kiss her husband. Her first kiss.

I'm wearing a pure white dress, a pair of white high heels and a pair of white earrings. My hair already done and it looks so beautiful, thanks to the hairstyle.(a/n look at the media) I've never been so beautiful in my whole life but today, I can't believe this is myself.

"Hey there kiddo." A voice suddenly spoke.

I slowly turn my head and saw Eunji leaning at the door frame, smiling at me.


"You look so so beautiful." She said, walking towards me.

I smile and reply,"You too, unnie."

"See, you're going to be a wife. I thought I'll marry first but look at you now. I know it's an arrange marriage but listen, he's going to be your husband. I know he already have a girlfriend but believe me, it won't last long because he'll fall for you soon. Well, who wouldn't right?" She chuckle, now standing in front of me.

"You told me that he's mean towards you. You told me that he sometimes nice towards you. You told me that you saw hatred in his eyes. Did you realize something? You're slowly falling for him. I know, Hayoung. You said you're happy to see his tiny smile. See? You're still happy even though he's mean to you. Don't give up, Hayoung. You're strong. You're not a kid anymore, you're a woman." Eunji finished.

I don't know why but tears filled my eyes. I quickly blink and look at the ceiling. I don't want to ruin my make up.

"Come here." Eunji spread her arms.

I hug her but still blinking. She's right. I'm not a kid. I'm a woman. I can't give up. I am strong. I don't care if it hurts me or not, I'm going to love him. Not now. Not yet.

"Can we talk to Hayoung too?" A familiar, woman's voice echoed throughout the room.

I found my parents standing behind Eunji. I let go of Eunji and smile at her one last time before she step out of the room.

"You talk to her first honey. I'll wait outside." Dad said and get out of the room, closing the door.
"Omma." I said softly.

"Can I hug you?" Mom asked.

"Of course, I'm still your daughter." I chuckle.

Mom hug me and I quickly respond to the hug.

"Hayoung-ah, I'm so sorry. I know you probably hate me right now because of this marriage. You can hate me. But still, I'm sorry. I still care for you. I know you never tell me your problem, but I know when you're tired or hurt. I know everything about you. I'm sorry I'm not a good mother to you but I'm trying. After this, you're not going to live with us anymore. Take care okay? Stay strong and don't give up. I know Sehun will love you someday. I love you, Hayoung-ah." Mom finished her sentences.

Why is everyone trying to make me cry? I don't wanna ruin my make up!

"It's okay, omma. No, I won't hate you, never ever hate you. I know. I'm sorry too for not being a good daughter. I'm sorry too for being rude at you this past few weeks. Take care too. Remember, if you have problem, you can always tell me. I'm going to visit you. I love you too, omma." I replied.

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