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strings attachment  √ exo x blackpink by hyuqified
strings attachment √ exo x blackp...by —
what if a temporary live in will make their strings attached? exo x blackpink
  • exopink
  • blackexo
  • jenkai
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Happiness by Kimanbongssi
Happinessby Kimanbongssi
Different love stories in one circle.. Collaboration of BTSRV and EXOPINK, but the main story is about BTSRV. Warning!! Broken English All photo or video credit to the o...
  • romance
  • vrene
  • rosexchanyeol
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Some Love Stories..Never Ends (COMPLETED) by gracey87
Some Love Stories..Never Ends (COM...by DD87
The girl I hate walk in the room, everything remains She open up the door, my life completely changed Some girls need my attention to be seen But the one I'm looking at...
  • seyoung
  • lovehate
  • fanfiction
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ᚕᚕᚕᚕᚕ | chaennie by subjauregui
ᚕᚕᚕᚕᚕ | chaennieby 珠洲
C O M P L E T E D ❝ we were a sad beautiful tragic. ❞ chaennie fanfiction © subjauregui all rights reserved 2019.
  • chaennie
  • rojennie
  • kimjennie
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The Jerk and the Bad Bitch: Sehun x Lisa by lovehurtzbaby
The Jerk and the Bad Bitch: Sehun...by lovehurtzbaby
"They're the most powerful sub-group of the Mafia. Be careful of them, most especially, her." I warned my groupmates as we saw the approaching group, being int...
  • blackpink
  • lisa
  • exo
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If You.. (COMPLETED) by gracey87
If You.. (COMPLETED)by DD87
she is leaving.. and i can't do anything.. my love is leaving.. like a fool, I'm blankly standing here.. why didn't I know the weight of sadness that comes with the word...
  • surong
  • completed
  • romance
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Our Peterpans - exopink by soukor-s
Our Peterpans - exopinkby closed.
" wнo ѕayѕ тнey can ѕeparaтe peтer pan ғroм нιѕ wendy " no one can and no one wιll exo ♡ apink -- © choqiwae
  • kyungjoo
  • exo
  • kaieun
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[3] H.O.Me by BigBadB2st
[3] H.O.Meby ChangCho
ExoPink Got Married! : The Final Sequel ~ When another half of me is gone How can I live as one? ~ - Seventeen "Don't Wanna Cry" - | Half Of Me | Published :...
  • sehun
  • kaieun
  • wegotmarried
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The Story of Sehun & Hayoung (Love or Lust?) by shxnxe
The Story of Sehun & Hayoung (Love...by shxnxe
Oh Sehun - A mysterious man who never told anyone about him. But openly to a woman named Oh Hayoung, without realised, showing her the true self o...
  • suho
  • exo
  • surong
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Chance for Us by BeaBB42_EA7
Chance for Usby Charcharr
ExoPink BaekMi fanfiction Now what will happen to Baekhyun's Second Love Story? will it give a heartbreak again, or will it give him a happily ever after? With Bomi, he...
  • byunbaekhyun
  • krystaljung
  • parkchanyeol
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[1] ExoPink Got Married! by BigBadB2st
[1] ExoPink Got Married!by ChangCho
~ Yes you're right,I know Everything has faded away It's all disappeared like a dream ~ - Apink "To. Us" - Also available in Malay version.Check on my malay ac...
  • surong
  • exopink
  • kyungjoo
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Oh! Finally;osh-ohy [completed] by addln_
Oh! Finally;osh-ohy [completed]by din
'Sungguh. Ini bukan rasa cinta kan? Tentu bukan, aku tidak mencintai Sehun sama sekali. Dan yang membuatku gugup hanya perkataannya waktu di mobil saja. Tapi kenapa? Ken...
  • ohsehun
  • chanji
  • baekmi
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Kpop Smuts  by sexkook
Kpop Smuts by Rongie
A collection of steamy smuts featuring Apink's Chorong and the boys. © Credits to Owner
  • taehyung
  • kai
  • bangtanboys
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My Backstabbing Bias/Husband (MCHB/H2) by kimchohee1206
My Backstabbing Bias/Husband (MCHB...by Channie_yah
When I thought everything was on its deserving place.When I thought it was finally a happy ending...she just have to appear into our life again and make me realize that...
  • kara
  • lovestory
  • apink
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We cant forget (Surong / Exopink) by cbennhs
We cant forget (Surong / Exopink)by cbennhs
That's the story of Apink Member Chorong and Exo Member Suho..... The way they smile at each other the way the look at each other and the way they LOVE each other. They...
  • kpop
  • chorong
  • exo
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- Red Spring - [EXOPINK x BTSPINK] by Chessire25
- Red Spring - [EXOPINK x BTSPINK]by Chessire25
Yoon Bomi is a girl with a complicated life, she and her sisters got seperated in a mission to find some treasures, and got disturbed by a gang of 'Brutal Thiefs', leads...
  • 엑소
  • romance-friendship
  • 에이핑크
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ALL I WANT IS YOU  by -sehunpai
ALL I WANT IS YOU by Heartfilia
Sehun x Hayoung ft Kai x Naeun idol life
  • exo
  • hayoung
  • exopink
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The Evil Stepmom by randomplaystory
The Evil Stepmomby Rizky widia
Bagaimana jika seorang gadis berusia 17 tahun harus hidup dengan seorang ibu tiri kejam selama hidupnya. Ibu tiri yang membuat kehidupannya menjadi semakin menderita. Be...
  • theevilstepmom
  • exopink
  • chanyeol
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instagram ↠ exo x blackpink by euphoricized
instagram ↠ exo x blackpinkby 𝕖𝕩𝕠𝕥𝕚𝕔 ⟡
in which a bunch of kpop stars have fun & mess around with each other on instagram. ⇒ lowercase intended ⇒ disclaimer: i do not own any of the pictures/videos used in th...
  • socialmedia
  • exopink
  • blackexo
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Hate, Hurt and Love 》Sehun by ExoByuntaeKpopperz
Hate, Hurt and Love 》Sehunby hun's booty
"If only I could, I'd turn back time just to love you again and longer."
  • exo
  • seyoung
  • arrange
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