If You.. (COMPLETED) by gracey87
If You.. (COMPLETED)by DD87
she is leaving.. and i can't do anything.. my love is leaving.. like a fool, I'm blankly standing here.. why didn't I know the weight of sadness that comes with the word...
  • suho
  • surong
  • romance
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The Jerk and the Bad Bitch: Sehun x Lisa by lovehurtzbaby
The Jerk and the Bad Bitch: Sehun...by lovehurtzbaby
"They're the most powerful sub-group of the Mafia. Be careful of them, most especially, her." I warned my groupmates as we saw the approaching group, being int...
  • sehun
  • ohsehun
  • lalisa
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- Red Spring - [EXOPINK x BTSPINK] by Chessire25
- Red Spring - [EXOPINK x BTSPINK]by Chessire25
Yoon Bomi is a girl with a complicated life, she and her sisters got seperated in a mission to find some treasures, and got disturbed by a gang of 'Brutal Thiefs', leads...
  • exopink
  • kimjongdae
  • byunbaekhyun
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Mr. Cold Guy || Kris Wu by EXO_Forever_12_
Mr. Cold Guy || Kris Wuby EXO_Forever_12_
I pushed her onto the wall. "STOP MAKING ME MAD!!!" *Unedited* (Will edit soon after completing this book)
  • krystal
  • kpopfanfic
  • fanfan
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PROLOGUE I didn't expect to meet a MAFIA BOSS! NOT IN MY DREAMS! Like heck? Mamahalin ko pa si Pikachu, ayaw ko pang mamatay huhuhu 😭😭. Pero tumututul yung tadhana sak...
  • baekmi
  • exopink
Monster » Apink by sejunify
Monster » Apinkby SEMI HIATUS.
They call it obsession but I prefer the term love. Copyright 2016 © sejunify © Graphic Credits • @Midnight__Stars Achievements ; #19 in #ExoPink ; May 30, 2018 @ 6:23 p...
  • pinkton
  • victon
  • ot12
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My Backstabbing Bias/Husband (MCHB/H2) by kimchohee1206
My Backstabbing Bias/Husband (MCHB...by Channie_yah
When I thought everything was on its deserving place.When I thought it was finally a happy ending...she just have to appear into our life again and make me realize that...
  • exo
  • infinite
  • apink
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Hate, Hurt and Love 》Sehun by ExoByuntaeKpopperz
Hate, Hurt and Love 》Sehunby hun's booty
"If only I could, I'd turn back time just to love you again and longer."
  • marriage
  • seyoung
  • exo
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[Exopink] Fairies and knights by kimnalee
[Exopink] Fairies and knightsby Kimnalee
Note: This story is based on my imagination. i have really worked hard in writing this story. Plagiarisation of my story and work is unacceptable. If anyone finds my sto...
  • romance
  • chanji
  • kaieun
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My cold hearted bias/husband by kimchohee1206
My cold hearted bias/husbandby Channie_yah
Yoon Bomi is a normal high-school student,well that's what everyone thinks.Yoon Bomi is the only daughter and that makes her the heiress of the biggest company in Korea...
  • completed
  • chenmi
  • romance
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Soulmate by -sehunpai
Soulmateby Heartfilia
When a vampire meet their soulmate
  • bubbleteas
  • hayoung
  • apink
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CRUSH (on hiatus) k.jm x k.js by stanffi
CRUSH (on hiatus) k.jm x k.jsby stanffi
(On Hiatus) It all started with a little crush...
  • kimjisoo
  • kpop
  • fanfic
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collab | exo x blackpink [requests: closed] by kyungsooisourpenguin
collab | exo x blackpink [requests...by D.O. 🐧
SM and YG have decided to put together a collaboration between EXO and BLACKPINK. However, before starting on the collaboration, the two groups must get to know each oth...
  • chanrose
  • pcyxpcy
  • lisa
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Is It Love? (Kaieun's Version) by FitriAmelia22
Is It Love? (Kaieun's Version)by FitriAmelia22
It all starts in an elevator.. An attractive stranger steps in.. Something about to happen.. . . . . "Let's keep this moment secret" - a stranger "You'll...
  • kaieun
  • apink
  • fluff
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A Wife Secrifices by BlankHead06
A Wife Secrificesby blankhead06
Oh Hayoung is a wife to one of handsome and tall man, Sehun. Oh Sehun is one handsome, tall and a billionaire that a girl would die for. Both of them met at Sehun's comp...
  • marriage
  • seyoung
  • sad
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That Thing Called Favor? by augustinedev
That Thing Called Favor?by augustinedev
Sehun and Hayoung have been the best of friends since grade school as their families are close in terms of business. Both are heirs to their own respective businesses: S...
  • seyoung
  • fanfiction
  • ohhayoung
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archery prince || exo; suho by araide_luna
archery prince || exo; suhoby trashie-chan
a new unknown genius student who recently transferred to the school grabbed the whole level of attention when she was dragged to join the archery club. in which there, p...
  • redvelvet
  • bts
  • chorong
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[COMPLETED] Cold Guy Married Nerd Girl [EXOPINK] by seventeenfangirl
[COMPLETED] Cold Guy Married Nerd...by SEVENTEENCT 💕
Suho seorg yg sombong dipaksa berkahwin dgn Eunji seorg yg nerd DAN cantik. Apa yg akan terjadi apabila Cold Guy berjumpa dgn Nerd Girl? *MALAY FANFIC*
  • exo
  • suho
  • suji
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The Story of Sehun & Hayoung (Love or Lust?) by shxnxe
The Story of Sehun & Hayoung (Love...by shxnxe
Oh Sehun - The mysterious man who never told anyone about him. But openly to a woman named Oh Hayoung, without realised, showing her the true self...
  • exo
  • fanfiction
  • arrangedmarriage
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EXOPINK one shot ✔ by -sehunpai
EXOPINK one shot ✔by Heartfilia
One shot stories for EXO and APink couple for you ♡
  • yehet
  • maknae
  • apink
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