Oh Boss by oh_surong
Oh Bossby oh! couple
Hayoung finally starts working in the company that she always dreamed of, thanks to her mother's help. But she was shockingly welcomed to find out her boss is her first...
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Mr. Cold Guy || Kris Wu by EXO_Forever_12_
Mr. Cold Guy || Kris Wuby EXO_Forever_12_
I pushed her onto the wall. "STOP MAKING ME MAD!!!" *Unedited* (Will edit soon after completing this book)
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Soulmate by -sehunpai
Soulmateby Heartfilia
When a vampire meet their soulmate
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  • sehun
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[EXOPINK] we are one by kimnalee
[EXOPINK] we are oneby Kimnalee
Nothing in this world is important than family..6 brothers and their lives..different characters different ways of thinking but still bonded together by just one word &q...
  • bomi
  • chanyeol
  • hayoung
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After a long time (Exopink / Surong / Seyoung) by cbennhs
After a long time (Exopink / Suron...by cbennhs
What if you live in an orphanage like Chorong, Hayoung and Eunji? What if you are rich and go to the best school in Seoul? What if Destiny...... This is a Ex...
  • apink
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When Playboys Fall For Gangster's Girlfriends by Dohansewife
When Playboys Fall For Gangster's...by Hanse♡
Exo,the rich and handsome playboys who likes to bet each other.The bet always involves girls,thus the girls are called Barbies. Apink,the cold beauties.They are mysterio...
  • baekji
  • surong
  • kyungjoo
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My Backstabbing Bias/Husband (MCHB/H2) by kimchohee1206
My Backstabbing Bias/Husband (MCHB...by Channie_yah
When I thought everything was on its deserving place.When I thought it was finally a happy ending...she just have to appear into our life again and make me realize that...
  • dongwoo
  • infinite
  • backstabbing
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Blackpink Next Door (COMPLETED✔) by ChaesMe_Xx
Blackpink Next Door (COMPLETED✔)by CHAse me ♡
{HIGHEST RANK: #220 on SHORT STORY #13 on EXOPINK #3 on ChanLisa✔} This is just an Exo & Blackpink fanfic where Blackpink's Room is next to Exo's Room LOL and this is ju...
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Hate, Hurt and Love 》Sehun by ExoByuntaeKpopperz
Hate, Hurt and Love 》Sehunby hun's booty
"If only I could, I'd turn back time just to love you again and longer."
  • arrange
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Promise by jeongalzary
Promiseby zas🐰
Main cast : • Apink's Oh Hayoung as Oh Hayoung • Exo's Oh Sehun as Sehun Cast lain akan ditemukan didalam cerita. Berikan kritik dan saran jika tidak keberatan ^^ DILARA...
  • ohhayoung
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The Jerk and the Bad Bitch: Sehun x Lisa by lovehurtzbaby
The Jerk and the Bad Bitch: Sehun...by lovehurtzbaby
"They're the most powerful sub-group of the Mafia. Be careful of them, most especially, her." I warned my groupmates as we saw the approaching group, being int...
  • lisa
  • drama
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Daddy, is she my Mommy? || BaekMi by exopinkstories
Daddy, is she my Mommy? || BaekMiby E. & L. ♛
"You left us. Just like that." "But I'm back now. And I'm going to take back what's mine. That includes you." All Rights Reserved © @exopink_ and...
  • baekhyun
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You Belong With Me ✔ by -sehunpai
You Belong With Me ✔by Heartfilia
Childhood friends falling in love with each other . SEHUN X HAYOUNG
  • sehun
  • exopink
  • bubbletea
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That's Right, My Type by chimvbae
That's Right, My Typeby ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ)
Hayoung dipaksa menikah dengan Oh Sehun musuhnya hanya karena perusahaan orangtuanya terlilit hutang. Yakinkah mereka kalau sama sekali tidak ada cinta di antara mereka...
  • apink
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My Ex-Boy Toy || e)(o Baekhyun by Moonstones101
My Ex-Boy Toy || e)(o Baekhyunby Jiselle
Can you love a toy? No, because it is just an object. He used to be my toy. I loved the games we used to play or should I say I used to love playing games on him. He was...
  • sehun
  • baekhyun
  • baekyeon
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She's Mine [HIATUS] by cikbaebee
She's Mine [HIATUS]by bat
⚠ Perkara yang paling sakit bila orang yang kita sayang disayangi oleh orang yang kita sayang jugak. Macam tu juga kisah adik beradik Baekhyun dan Taehyung yang cintakan...
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- Red Spring - [EXOPINK x BTSPINK] by Chessire25
- Red Spring - [EXOPINK x BTSPINK]by Chessire Cats
Yoon Bomi is a girl with a complicated life, she and her sisters got seperated in a mission to find some treasures, and got disturbed by a gang of 'Brutal Thiefs', leads...
  • baekhyun
  • exo
  • specialforces
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My cold hearted bias/husband by kimchohee1206
My cold hearted bias/husbandby Channie_yah
Yoon Bomi is a normal high-school student,well that's what everyone thinks.Yoon Bomi is the only daughter and that makes her the heiress of the biggest company in Korea...
  • bomi
  • fanfic
  • suho
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CRUSH k.jm x k.js by stanffi
CRUSH k.jm x k.jsby stanffi
It all started with a little crush...
  • jisooxsuho
  • kimjisoo
  • jiho
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[COMPLETED] Cold Guy Married Nerd Girl [EXOPINK] by seventeenfangirl
[COMPLETED] Cold Guy Married Nerd...by SEVENTEENCT 💕
Suho seorg yg sombong dipaksa berkahwin dgn Eunji seorg yg nerd DAN cantik. Apa yg akan terjadi apabila Cold Guy berjumpa dgn Nerd Girl? *MALAY FANFIC*
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