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Oh Hayoung's Point of View

Here I am, inside my own apartment. I never tell anyone about this except Eunji. Even my parent didn't know that I bought this apartment. It's a secret.

The apartment is small but fit for me. I'm always here to dance, clear my mind or maybe sleep over. Now, I have a new thing to do if I come here. It's crying.

I'm currently sitting at the corner of my apartment, crying and sobbing uncontrollably. It just hurts so much. Have you feel to love someone that doesn't love you back? Have you feel to care for someone who doesn't care about you? Have you feel how much it hurts to see the one you love, loved someone else? I have.

I don't even know why did I fall in love with him. I don't even know why I care for him. I don't even know why I'm keeping a secret about Ahreum and other guy. I don't even know why I'm hurt because of someone that doesn't even mine. I don't know.


I open the door and walk in. The bright light welcomed me. I probably look like a zombie because of my messy hair and red, puffy eyes.

"Hayoung." Even his voice makes me want to cry.

I turn my head to him who is sitting on the sofa with a two documents in his right hand. Aha, it's probably the divorce contract.

I didn't reply him. Instead, I walk to him and stare at him with an emotionless face.

"Give me my document, I'll sign it and give it to you later." My voice cracked.

It's obvious that I've been crying with my zombie face and cracked voice.

He hesitantly give me my document. I quickly grab it and ready to walk upstairs. But, a strong hand grab my wrist.

"Where did you go?" He dare to ask me.

I turn around and face him who is already standing. I chuckle bitterly and stay quiet again.

"Do you even asked me that?" I asked him back.

"I did asked." He said.

I glare at him and released my wrist from his hand. I push his chest hard making him stumble and ended up fall on the sofa. I quickly went to my room.

I close the door and sit on my bed. I open the document and read the tasks. Tch, all the words in here make me want to rip the paper and throw it away. But I grab my pen and sign it. I signed everywhere that I should sign before place the document on my small table.

Suddenly, the door flew open and Sehun is walking towards me. I stand up and reach for the document. He stopped in front of me and stare at me.

"I know you're crying." He spoke.

"I did cry. Why? Want to act nice? Tch, don't even try it." I rolled my eyes.

"No. I don't even want to. I just want to say that it's pointless."

"I know." I pushed the document on his chest.

"Now can you please get out?" I asked him, 'nicely'.

"It's pointless cause in the end I'm going to choose Ahreum over you. It's pointless cause I'm not going to love you. It's pointless cause I don't give a single shit."

That's it.

"Really? Do you even know why I told you to go first when we went to the supermarket? It's because I saw Ahreum and other guy holding hand! It's because I don't want you to see it! It's because I don't want you to get hurt! I bet Ahreum have another guy behind you. She's just using you! She's a whore who only like you because of your face and money! She's just a player! She's a thirsty bitc-"

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