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Oh Hayoung's Point of View

"He really did that?" Eunji asked.

Here I am, working again with Eunji. There's no costumer come for a while so I told her what happened yesterday.

"Yeah and I was really shocked." I told her.

"You mean, you like it." She teased me.

I punched her arm lightly and laugh. Then I remember something that I forgot to tell her.

"Eunji unnie. Yesterday, I told you we went to the supermarket right?"

She nodded in respond and I continue.

"I saw Ahreum. Not just Ahreum. She's with another guy, holding hand."

"Really? Did Sehun saw them?"

"No. But he almost saw them but I drag him away. I told him to pay for the foods and I went to talk to her."

"What did you said to her?" She asked, fully interested.

"I told her to be careful and it was my last warning because I don't want to get into her business. I also told her that...I don't want Sehun to get hurt." I mumble the last phrase.

"Wow you're really something. You don't want him to get hurt yet he hurt you." Eunji said in disbelief.

"He did took care of my finger yesterday." I muttered, staring at the floor.

"Yeah right. Yesterday."

I didn't reply and focus on the front. Eunji excused herself to go to the toilet. Right after she left, a costumer came.

"Good morning, sir. May I take your order?" I greeted him and he smile.

"Can I have a..." He paused and continue, "coke and hamburger."

coke in the morning?

I told him the price and he pay for it. I thanked and smile at him. This guy is shorter than Sehun but taller than me. His hair was coloured in dark brown. He has this kind of bad boy vibe. He's handsome of course but Sehun is number one.

"What's your name?" He suddenly asked.

I point to my name tag and he smile.

"Hayoung. I'm Hoseok." He introduced himself.

"Nice to know you."

"I'll be going now. I'll always come here. See ya!" He waved at me.

I smile at him. Then, Eunji came back.

"Who is he?" Is the first thing she said after she sat down.

"A costumer, you can see that."

"Yeah, he waved at you."

"I don't know. He asked my name and he introduced himself and he said he'll come here always and he go away and he waved and I smiled at him and done."

She rolled her eyes and say nothing.

The scene from yesterday playing in my mind. I sigh.

Sometimes he's mean to me. The next thing I knew, he act nice to me. What is he actually? A bipolar?


"Bye unnie!" I wave at her and she waved back at me and walk away.

Finally, it's time to go home. The cafe alreadg closed and I'm walking back to my house. It's not that far and not that close either.

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