Oh Sehun

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Oh Hayoung's Point of View

"Good morning, omma." I greeted my mom.

"Oh sweetie! Good morning. Have a seat." My mom smile as she placed a plate and a pancake placed on it.

"So delicious!" I lick my lips as I started to eat.

My mom placed a glass of milk before she joins me with breakfast. She pour strawberry syrup on her pancake and start to eat.

"So.. Hayoung-ah, you know what day is today right?" My mom spoke.

Okay. I really want to forget what day is today until she reminded me again.

"Yes." I replies shortly. Well, what else I could say?

"Appa want you to be home early because we're going to the restaurant before 7." She said while chewing to her pancake.

I sigh and say, "Okay, mom."

I stand up and grab my dark brown backpack. I don't have appetite to eat anymore because she's bringing the subject again.

"I'm going. See you soon." I bow to her then leave to the front door.

I wear my black converse and leave to my cafe. Uh yes, my cafe. Well, actually it's mom but she gave it to me one year ago, so I can take care of it. I'm working there now and I'm the owner. The cafe's name is 'The Oh's Cafe'. The cafe open at 9 am and close at 8 pm. The manager of the cafe is Jung Eunji. She's older than me so I called her unnie. I usually come to the cafe at 8.30 am because I and the other workers need to prepare the cafe first.

Now, I'm standing in front of the cafe. I took out a key from my pocket jeans and unlock the door and step inside. Firstly, I changed into my uniform and start to arrange the tables and chairs. Suddenly, I heard the doorbell, meaning that there's person coming into the cafe. I turn my head to the door and saw Eunji unnie smiling at me.

"Hey there kiddo." She greeted me. "Wait a minute. I want to change." She added.

I chuckle and start arranging again. I heard a scream at my left ear making me startled and before I know, my butt already touched the hard wooden floor. I look to the culprit who is now laughing like a crazy person. I quickly stood up and glare at her.

"Oh My God! If you saw your face just now, you'll laugh like me!" She said, wiping her tears from the laughing.

"And if you saw your face, I guarantee you'll never laugh like that again, unnie." I said sarcastically and back to arrange.

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry." She apologized to me before start to working.

I didn't reply. I continue to work and all the workers are now here too. Some start to arrange the kitchen and some just arrived. I already finished arranging and I look at my watch on my left wrist.


I start to check the kitchen and counter before I change the 'CLOSE' sign to 'OPEN'. I walk to the counter and wait for the costumer.

I never see him before. Even his picture. I don't even know his name. I don't know his personality. I don't know if he's too old or too young. I don't know if he's good or bad. I don't know a single thing about him and I'm marrying him soon? What if he's mean to me? What if-

"Earth to Hayoung." Eunji snapped me from my thought.

"H-huh?" I blink a few times and look at her.

"I said that your phone is ringing."

"W-what?!" I widen my eyes and search for my phone.

"I'm kidding." She made a 'tch' sound and again I glare at her.

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