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Oh Hayoung's Point of View

Today is Saturday, exactly I should go to work but Eunji asked me to stay at home and 'spend more time' with my so-called husband. Even if I stay at home 24/7, he wouldn't care about my presence 'cause in his mind only have Ahreum. Eunji idea is terribly bad.

Right now, I'm making breakfast for us. How pathetic, us. I'm making pancake but it is almost done. Sehun? He's at the living room, watching some kind of cartoon, how cute.

After I finish cooking, I placed the pancake on Sehun and I plate. I put on the table and pour the chocolate syrup on the pancakes.

"Sehun-ah, let's eat." I called him.

I heard his footsteps getting near and I saw his figure. As expected, he didn't say anything and sit down. He eat quietly without even glance to me.

I sigh and slowly start to eat. Pancake is my favorite breakfast but I don't feel like eating now. I don't want to eat. I didn't feel any taste when I took a bite of the pancake. Usually, it was sweet and delicious but I taste nothing. It was nothing wrong with my cooking. It was my heart, it feels wrong.

Thinking about the 'Sehun and Ahreum' little moments few days ago makes me want to puke. It was sick. It was hurt. Well, still hurt. The way Sehun kissed her. The way they touched each other, it makes me hurt so bad. I wonder if they already did 'it'. I hope you understand what the it mean because I don't want to mention or even think about it.

I'm currently playing with my pancake. I don't have the appetite anymore to eat. I really feel like I'm pathetic right now.

"Aren't you going to eat that?"

I lifted my head and saw Sehun staring at me. I blink several times and lowered my head again.

"I don't have appetite. I'll go upstairs." I said, standing up.

"Are you going to stay in this house for 24 hours?" He asked.

I stopped in my track but didn't dare to turn around and face him.

"Why?" I breathed out.

"Aren't you going with me outside?" He asked again.

"Why didn't you go with Ahreum instead of me?" I said more strictly.

I can feel his presence is now right behind me. Suddenly, I feel goose bumps.

"Because Ahreum have another things to do so I won't disturb her. I won't ask you to go with me if Ahreum is here with me." He spoke.

I don't know what to say. More like, I don't want to say anything. If I open my mouth, I might yell bad words to him. Better keep my mouth shut.

"Just go change into something comfortable then meet me outside." He said then walk passed me.

You mean, you want me to wear my pajama? 'Cause it's comfortable.

I shrugged off my ridiculous thought and walk into my room. I changed into a white long sleeved shirt and a red skirt that reached under my butt but a little longer. I tucked the shirt inside the skirt[as always, look at the media lol]. I let my hair loose. I didn't wear any make up because I'm too lazy to apply it. I grab my phone and walk out of the room.

I walked downstairs and Sehun is nowhere to be found. I quickly went outside and wear my white high cut converse. I saw Sehun already inside the car so I run. As soon as I sat on the passenger seat and closed the door, Sehun stare at me.

Yeah, he's staring at me for too long.

Oh Sehun's Point of View

As soon as she closed the door, I stare at her. I thought he's going to wear simple clothes but she looks too beautiful in this outfit. The red, short skirt showing off her milky skin. Her long brown hair covered her face from the running earlier. She looks too beautiful. I want to deny it but my heart melt seeing her like this.

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