"Don't go."

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Oh Hayoung's Point of View

I'm waiting for them at the front door. I'm walking back and forth because I'm worry about them, especially Sehun.

Wait, did Jongin know where my house is?

What if he didn't know?


Please let them be safe.

Please please please let Jongin know where is my house.


"Hayoung! Help me!" Someone shouted outside the gate.

I quickly run to the outside and saw Jongin carrying Sehun. I rush towards him and help him. We get in the house, walk upstairs, towards his room and place him on the bed carefully.

Jongin is breathing heavily, probably because he's tired.

"Do you want some water?" I asked Jongin.

"Y..yes, please." He replied.

I told him to sit down and I go to the kitchen. I grab a glass and pour some water in it. I rush to Sehun's room. I give the glass to Jongin.

He drinks it in one gulp. Guess, he is thirsty. He put the glass on the small table.

"Thanks." He said after he already calm down.

"No, I should've thank you." I told him.

"It's okay." He smiles at me.

"What happened to Sehun?" I asked him.

"I don't know. What I knew is, he called me and say things like 'she dumped me' and 'she never love me' and I asked where he is and pick him up. I really don't know. Also when I came, he broke the wine bottle on his left arm."

"What?!" I quickly run to Sehun and check his left arm.

There are blood and scars. Shit!

I run downstairs and grab a bowl and put some sink water. I also take the first aid kit and go back to his room. I place the bowl and first aid kit on the small table and went to his closet. I search for a small towel and sit beside Sehun.

Firstly, I wet the small towel and clean the blood. Thank God, he is asleep so he won't feel the pain. After finished cleaning his blood, I open the first aid kit box and put some oil[a/n sorry I don't know what is the oil name lol haha] on a cotton. Then, I clean his scars. Lastly, I wrap his scars with bandage.

"You care for him." Oh, I forgot Jongin is here.

I only give him a small smile. After that, I stare at Sehun's face.

"She dumped me."

"She never love me."

Is it me?

Or Ahreum?


I'm going to kill that woman.

I know Sehun will nevet love me because he loves Ahreum.

Of course, I'm hurt. But, I'm more hurt if someone hurt him.

He hurt himself.


I startled by Jongin's voice.

"Huh?" I look at him.

"I said, I need to go now. It's getting late." He repeated.

"Of course. Let me send you to the gate."

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