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Oh Hayoung's Point of View

Two days to go.

"Sehun, if you're late just for a second, I'll be going." I shout from the outside of our house.

I currently waiting for him. He said that he'll send me to my work place but he's late. I'm already standing beside his car. That's when he rushes outside and struggling to wear his shoes.

"I'm sorry!" He said as he unlocked his car.

I quickly hop in the passenger seat and he gets in within few seconds. He start the engine and drive to my work place.

The car ride was filled with comfortable silence. Then, the scene where he kissed me the other day makes my heartbeats fast than the usual.

I just can't explain how happy am I that time. It was too short and how I wish the time would stop at that moment.

I start smiling to myself when the car stop and I'm getting my senses back.

"I will pick you later." He said to me.

"Don't be late. I don't want to stand here alone." I warned him.

"I won't." He smiles.

"See you later." Before I get the chance to get out, he grab my wrist, making me face him again.

"Where's my goodbye kiss?" He pouts.

My eyes widen and I feel goose bumps throughout my body.

I lean forward and leave a peck on his left cheek.

Before he could say anything, I quickly get out of the car and close the door. I look at him and grin. I wave to him and run to my cafe. I unlock the door and get inside. I look back just to check him but he already drove his car away. Somehow, I miss him.

I quickly arrange the tables and chairs. Sweep and mop the floor. Just when I was done, Eunji came.

"Oh? You did all the works?" She looks at me.

I didn't answer anything and walk to the door. As always, I change the 'CLOSE' signboard to 'OPEN' and walk to the counter.

Since it was just opened, there's no costumer. It's always like this but when it was noon there are many costumers will come.

Now back to my life with Oh Sehun.

Ever since the day he kissed me, for real, I've always thought, perhaps he likes me?

I want to ask him but I just don't have the urge to open my mouth and ask him the question.

Plus, when we've done kissing that day, I heard his heartbeats. It was so fast. It's not normal, is it?

And there are only two days before the honeymoon. Just thinking about that, I'm feeling nervous. I just don't know why. What if something unwanted happen there? Like Sehun back to his cold attitude? No, don't ever, it was scary.

"Earth to Hayoung." Eunji slap my arm.

I startled and look at her with a confused look.

"I was asking you, how's your life with your 'lovely' husband?" She rolls her eyes.

"Oh. Sorry I was thinking about something else." I grin playfully.

"Whatever now answer my question." She was focusing on me.

Then I told her. The night he brought me to Han River. Those words he said when we were there. The way he tucked my hair behind my ear. The way he smiled. The way he looked at me. That night was perfect.

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