Honeymoon #1

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Oh Hayoung's Point of View

Today is the day. I'm going to London with Sehun for four days. I don't know how to face him. It's been two days, I've ignored him.

I didn't get to sleep last night because I'm nervous and I have so many things to think about. When the clock reach 4:15 am, I decided to get up. I'm feeling tired but I don't have time to sleep right now.

Before I walk into my bathroom, I check Sehun's room first. I can see that the light is still off. I sigh and get in his room. I switch on the light and walk towards him who is still sleeping quietly. I sit on his bed and stare at his face.

How can I not hate him? I want to but love come first. But he seems like he doesn't have any feelings for me. Of course he doesn't have any, I'm just a trouble to him.

I stroke his soft, black hair softly and sigh. His long eyelashes reach his cheeks. His lips are pouting. His calm breath and soft expression, I don't want to wake him up.

After I took a long deep breath, I stand up and try to look as calm as possible. I shook his body but got no sign of him moving. I shook harder and he moves a little then open his eyes slowly. He looks like an angel.

"Uh what time is it?" He mumbled but check his phone.

He yawns and try to sleep back.

"Yah, Oh Sehun. Get up. We're going to be late." I shook him again.

Before I knew, I was already lying on the bed with his hand wrap around me. I was blushing so hard. I tried to get out of his grip but he's too strong.

"Sehun ah, we'll be late." I said.

"Let's stay like this for 5 minutes." Then, he buried his head in my neck and I can feel his breath which tickling me.

"Y-yah.." I tried hard to calm but I guess I can't.

"Please.. 5 minutes." He whispered.

I was trying to stay mad at him. I was trying.

"Fine." I give up.

Didn't he felt guilty? He's acting too innocent. Cute too.

He brings me closer to him and he wraps us with his blanket. And now we're in one blanket. I can't breath normally with him this close to me.


I hummed. I start to feel sleepy under his arms.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say those words to you. I'm so worried. I bursted out without thinking. I just want you to know that you're not a trouble. I just want to protect you. I'm sorry. You don't have to forgive me now. Just don't.. ignore me. It's killing me." He said softly.

I hug him and he hugs me tighter. Hearing what he said, I forgive him. I can't stay mad at him longer too. It's killing me.

"Lets get ready." He said.

I sigh and sit up. He stands up and I do the same.

"I'll go back to my room." I said then go to my room.

I was blushing too hard. I quickly went to the bathroom and clean myself. After I done, I open my closet and look at my clothes. I decided to wear black long sleeved shirt and grey jeans. I dry my hair and tied it into a ponytail. I didn't wear any makeup since I don't have the mood to put it on.

I already packed my belonging last night so I just have to bring my luggage downstairs. I can't forget my earphone so I put it into my pocket jeans along with my phone. I check one last time to make sure I didn't left any of my important before I step out of my room and lock it.

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