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Oh Hayoung's Point of View

After our wedding photo shoot, we headed straight to our new house. Guess what? Sehun didn't talk to me and he pretend like I am not exist. Well, of course it hurts me but I simply shrugged it off.

Guess what again? Sehun already went into the house, probably already inside the room, leaving me behind. Meanwhile, I'm still struggling to bring my two big luggage upstairs.

I open the door and guess what again? It was locked. I sighed and knock the door hard until I heard his footsteps. The door swung open, revealing an annoyed face Sehun.

"What?!" He hissed making me flinch.

"What? This is our room. Do I have to knock every time I want to get in? Do you have to lock the door?"

"Actually, yes. You need to do it." He smirked.

"But our mom already said that this is our room. We're going to share it." I reminded him.

"I don't give a shit. This is my room not ours. And I don't want to share the room with you. Just go to your favorite room instead." He closed the door and lock it.

I still stood there, dumbfounded. I don't want to cry so I quickly go to my favorite room, which is next to his room, with my luggage. I closed the door and place my luggage on the floor, near my closet.

I lay on my queen size bed which is so comfortable and so soft that I can sleep right away. But then, I remember his words.

He hate me that much?

Without me knowing, I fell asleep with a tear rolled down my cheek.


"Yah! Wake up!"

I groan and pull the blanket until it reached my forehead. But someone grab the blanket and threw it away. I open my eyes and saw Sehun.

"What the hell Sehun?" I asked annoyingly.

"There's no food. I'm hungry." He said which I find it so cute even though he look so pissed.

"Go buy food yourself." I muttered.

"I don't know what to buy. Let's go together. You're my wife after all."

I widen my eyes when I heard the 'my wife' words.

"Fine. Get out. I'm going to change." I said then stand up.

He look at me for a while before step out of my room.

I changed into a black skinny jeans and simple white sweater. I wash my face then tie my hair into a ponytail. I grab my phone and check the time.

6.13 pm.

No wonder he's hungry. I headed downstairs and found Sehun on the couch, playing with his phone. I cleared my throat and he look at me. He walk straight to the door and get out. I sigh and follow him.

I slipped into my black converse then hop into the passenger seat. Sehun is already in the car, probably waiting for me. As soon as I close the door, he drove to the supermarket.

Seriously? Is he not going to talk to me?

I gaze at him and he kept driving the car. No, I don't expect him to look at me. I just want him to talk to me. I don't care if he's going to say bad words, I just want to hear something come out from his mouth. But still, he didn't open his mouth. I sigh and stare out of the window.

Why? I didn't do anything bad to him. This marriage is not my fault. Our parents want us to get married not me.

We arrived at the supermarket and I quickly get out of the car, not waiting for him. Like he cares if I wait for him, tho. I step into the supermarket and reach for a cart. I look behind and didn't saw Sehun anywhere. I start to worry. But I shrugged it off and start to search the food.

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