The Cold Oh Sehun

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Oh Hayoung's Point of View

I wake up due to the sunlight peak through the curtain. I yawned and try to sit up but something stop me. I look at my waist and realize that Sehun's hand is still wrap around my waist. did I get here?

Then, everything that happened last night hit my head.

Shit, Ahreum.

I slowly remove his hand, not wanting to wake him up. If he wake up, he will remember what happened last night... and he will get broken.

Soon that I success removed his hand, I sit up and sigh. Before I walk out of his room, I stroke his hair softly and kiss his forehead.


I place my lips with my hand. He get a cold! Shit.

I wrap his body with his blanket. I walk out of his room and went straight to the kitchen.

He probably will get hangover because he's drunk last night so I decided to cook him a chicken soup. It will also recover his cold faster.

Once I was done, I bring a bowl of chicken, a glass of warm water and a painkiller to his room.

I'm so shocked because I saw him leaning on the headboard. I thought he's still asleep. He usually don't wake up this early.

He stare at me blankly. No emotion. Unlike last night.

"Sehun, you're awake."

No answer. Just a blank face.

"Let's eat."

"I don't want to eat." He coldly replied.

I winch at his sudden coldness to me.

"But I'm sure you got hangover and you catch a cold. I already cooked chicken soup for you. I also bring a painkiller. Please eat." I begged him.

"Don't you get me? Or are you deaf? Because I'm sure I already say that I'm not hungry." He send me a glare.

Change his attitude? Again?

"Please just e-"

"I said I don't want to eat! Can you just leave me alone?!" He raised his voice at me.

"But Sehun-"

I stop because I saw him getting up and walk towards me. He drag me to the outside harshly. The tray I was holding was almost drop to the ground, thankfully I hold it tighter.

Once I was outside he slam the door hard, making me flinch.

Tears already rolling down on my cheeks. What did I do to him?
I went to the kitchen and put the tray on the dining table. I walk to my room and decided to take a shower. After that, I wear a simple oversized t-shirt and a black short pants.

Since I didn't go to work, I really didn't know what to do.

Should I check him?

I go to his room. Should I? I hesitantly knock his room softy. I waited for his answer.

"Come in." His voice is so soft that I almost can't hear.

I open the door and step in. I see that he probably already take a shower because his clothes is different. He wears a white sweater and black sweatpants.

He caught me staring at him and we make eye contact. None of us bother to look away.

His beautiful dark brown eyes that I easily can lost in it, is full of sadness.

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