Honeymoon #2

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Oh Hayoung's Point of View

Last night, I should've slept on the floor but Sehun was being Sehun, forced me to sleep with him so I did. I can't sleep last night because it's the first time I slept with him. But because of Sehun suddenly woke up at 2 am, he saw me with still big eyes, not feeling sleepy. So what he did to me for causing me to fall asleep? Well, he brought me closer and wrapped his arms around me. Then, stroked my hair softly and kissed me each minute on the forehead. Sweet isn't he?

We've done breakfast and now in our room. Today is the day I'm going to the beach with Sehun which mean I have to wear bikini and just with that thought, it's so terrified. Sehun already wore a black short pants which reached his knee and thin, plain white shirt which I manage to see his abs. Yes, abs. I won't say further about his abs.

"Sehun..please. I don't want to go." I begged him for the nth time.

"No. You have to come. It won't be fun without you." He gave me the same answers.

I gave up. I don't know what to do to convince him that he should've go alone.

But then, Oh Sehun is walking towards the closet and open it. He didn't go to the left side, he went to the right side which is my place. What is he doing? He is searching something in my closet.

And when he found it, he walks to me and put it on my right palm.

My breaths stop as I'm staring what he gave to me.

It's my black bikini!

I look at him in a disbelief face. He smiles sheepishly.

"Sehun, I don't want to wear bikini and go around in hotel. You want people to see me like this? Okay, I'll change."

"No no no! Don't!" He stops me.

"Then what?"

"You can wear dress or whatever and take it off when we arrived there." He suggested.

"Yeah yeah." I roll my eyes.

"Good. I'll wait you at the lobby." He smiles then step out of the room.

I sigh then walk to my closet and search for a suitable dress. Minutes searching for a dress, I found a cute, light pink dress with floral print. [A/n look at the picture below. No media 😂]

Firstly, I wear my bikini then I slipped into the dress

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Firstly, I wear my bikini then I slipped into the dress. I let my hairs fall naturally.

I get out of my room and walk straight to the elevator. There are some strangers too. Seems like they're going to the beach by looking at their outfits.

Stepping out of the elevator,  I spotted Sehun. He's sitting on the sofa alone, his eyes are focused on his phone. Maybe texting someone.

Walking towards him, he noticed me. He eyed me from head to toe. Don't know what is he thinking but I don't care.

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