New House, Hug and Talks.

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Oh Hayoung's Point of View

Seconds after seconds, minutes after minutes, hours after hours, weeks after weeks, now the marriage was less than two weeks. Busy and busy. Here and there. Tired and tired. Sehun and Ahreum. Me and myself. No work. Alone. Dance. Music. Thought. Fear. Tears. Hurt. Hopeless. Colorless. Fake smile. Fake laugh. Fake happiness. Fake here. Fake there. All of that is me.
Without knowing, I feel something towards Sehun. Whether it's fake or true, it's all hopeless. Hatred filled in his eyes whenever he was near me or when he's looking at me. He's not too mean but still mean. Despite all of that bad things, somehow, I, still find good things about him.

Sitting in the car, staring out of the window is like a day routine for me. Again, it was all black and white. It reminds me of my life. It would be perfect if rain pour down. It'll be perfect to describe my life. Somehow, I hope that someone would be able to colour my life again. I would like someone to bring back my true smile, my true laugh, my true happiness and wash away all the fake in my life.

"Sweetie, we-"

I quickly get out of the car before my mom even finish her sentences. I know it's rude but what's more rude to put her child into an arrange marriage? I guess, my mom have to get used to my new behavior.

Here I am, standing outside my new house. No, Sehun and I's new house. From here, I can see him and his mom, just about to get in when they noticed my mom and I already arrived. My gaze change from his mom to him. His blank face didn't change since the first time I met him. Sometimes I can read his emotion but sometimes I can't.

"Since we are arrived, let's take a look together in the house." Mom said and grin widely.

I look on my left and saw a not-so-big and not-too-small pool. There are a dark brown, circle table and two chairs by the side of the pool. This house is too big for me and Sehun.

We walk inside just and from here I can see the living room. Wow this house is really big! I thought. Then we check the kitchen. There are so many cupboard and the kitchen is big too. Then, we explore all the room on the second floor. There are 4 rooms and each room has its own bathroom. I walk at the end of the hallway and push the door open. The wall was painted in a light brown colour. There's a queen size bed at the center of the room and there's a small table beside the bed. A bathroom, a closet and balcony. Perfect for me.

I quickly get out and run to them. I found them in the third room, which was beside the room I like. Sehun is just following and barely listen to what are the two ladies talking.

"Omma!" I called my mom but all of them turn their head towards me who's now approaching my mom.

"What is it?" She asked.

"I found a room for me. I guess, it's the fourth room and I want that room all by myself-"

"Wait wait wait. Did you just said 'a room for me' and 'I want that room all by myself?'' Mom looked at me in disbelief and her two hands are now on the side of her waist.

"Y-yes?" I stuttered, not knowing why mom look at me like that.

"Yah! You and Sehun are getting married. When you're married with him of course you need to sleep in a same bedroom with him." Mom said in a matter of fact.

"What?!" Sehun and I said together, jaw drop and eyes widen.

What could be more worse?

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