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Oh Hayoung's Point of View

Four days to go. I don't even know if I'm ready to go to the honeymoon with him. What if he suddenly changes his mind? Or he don't want to go? What if? I hate what if.

Saturday morning greeted me. I must thanked Eunji for giving me two days off. I don't know I could be this tired.

I take a shower and change into a plain grey shirt and short pants. Then, I get out of my room and walk past by Sehun's room. I can hear the shower running inside.

I'm thinking what I want to prepare for breakfast. Not sandwich again.

French toast? Yup, that's it

French toast is bread mix with eggs then we have to fry it. I make two for me and two for him. Hopefully he likes this because I never make this to him.

When I already put the two breads on his and my plate, I placed it on the table. Just when I also done put the milk in his and my glasses, I also placed it on the table.

I wait for him to come but I can't hear his footsteps so I decided to go to his room.

As I raise my hand and ready to knock, the door flew open and reveals Sehun standing there with wide eyes.

I froze and I don't know why.

He hold my wrist softly and put it down. The unexpected thing is, he didn't let it go.

Slowly, his lips form into a grin, showing his pure white teethes. I want to say once again that his eyes are so beautiful when he smiles.

"L-let's e-eat." Shit. Why did I stutter?

"So you come here just to ask me to eat?" He raised an eyebrow and he's smirking. He looks so hot.

"Yes?" I'm trying to answer his question but I ended up question him back.

"Really? Just to eat? Not anything else, huh?" He's smirking again.

"Of course! What do you think is it?" I'm confused now.

He shakes his head and close his door also let go of my wrist. Then, he walks in front of me and finally I can breath normally again. I took this opportunity to check his back view.

His long and slim legs look so perfect on him. His broad shoulders and his muscular back, makes me thinking that he's too perfect for me. His black and soft hair. Plus, he's wearing grey shirt and white sweatpants. He's too perfect and I don't deserve him.

My thoughts are so deep that I don't realize we're now in the kitchen and he stopped but I keep walking, making my forehead bumps into his back.

"Ouch!" I hissed and touch my forehead.

"Are you okay?" He asked me.

I tilted my head just to see his face were few inches from mine and his expression was filled with worry.

"That's why you have to focus where you're walking. What if you bumped into a wall? You're lucky it's me." He removes my hand from my forehead and replace it with his.

He is stroking my forehead to release the pain but it is not that hurts when he's standing right in front of me while focusing on what he is doing. On the other hand, I focus on his handsome face.

"It's not hurt anymore." I whispered to him.

He stops and look at me before he removes his hand. He looks straight into my eyes. Believe me, my eyes are nothing compared to his eyes.

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