(Exopink)Mr.player Sehun  by oh_couple-exopink
(Exopink)Mr.player Sehun by Oh_couple-Exopink
Sehun-nice, handsome, player but there's something behind him being a player, 20 years old Hayoung- new student, nice, pretty, smart, 20 years old Irene- mean, evil, p...
  • velvet
  • seyoung
  • jimin
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Some Love Stories..Never Ends (COMPLETED) by gracey87
Some Love Stories..Never Ends (COM...by DD87
The girl I hate walk in the room, everything remains She open up the door, my life completely changed Some girls need my attention to be seen But the one I'm looking at...
  • lovehate
  • sehun
  • hayoung
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Hate, Hurt and Love 》Sehun by ExoByuntaeKpopperz
Hate, Hurt and Love 》Sehunby hun's booty
"If only I could, I'd turn back time just to love you again and longer."
  • seyoung
  • fanfiction
  • arrange
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ExoPink Marriage : H.O.Me by BigBadB2st
ExoPink Marriage : H.O.Meby ChangCho
ExoPink Got Married! : The Final Sequel ~ When another half of me is gone How can I live as one? ~ - Seventeen "Don't Wanna Cry" - | Half Of Me | Published :...
  • sehun
  • exopink
  • hayoung
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We Got Married OH Maknae✔ by -sehunpai
We Got Married OH Maknae✔by Heartfilia
Two maknaes from famous group in korea meet in we got married . See what will happen during their filming and their feeling develop each other .
  • wegotmarried
  • hayoung
  • apink
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Book III: The Story of Us - ChangRong by akosilita31
Book III: The Story of Us - ChangR...by akosilita31
Only once in a lifetime you meet that special someone who can melt your heart, make you feel butterflies in your stomach and make you feel weak in your knees. It is very...
  • bomi
  • btopink
  • apink
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the lies she loved. by oohcouple
the lies she loved.by seyoung ♡
Sehun and Hayoung. A love story between these two, where all the things she knew about him were lies.
  • ohhayoung
  • ohcouple
  • seyoung
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My Cold Girl - {Kim Taehyung} by laurenk0409
My Cold Girl - {Kim Taehyung}by Lauren ♡ Baekhyun
She is the coldest girl in the world... He's the biggest playboy... Will fate put them together? Started: 8/6/18 Ended:10/23/18 Eunji: #5 Naeun: #3 Apink: #27 Seokjin:...
  • seokjin
  • apink
  • hayoung
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Soulmate by -sehunpai
Soulmateby Heartfilia
When a vampire meet their soulmate
  • apink
  • bubbleteas
  • vampire
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exception | kkm by Millymellymully
exception | kkmby Millymellymully
First TRCNG Kangmin's Fanfic :3 Kangmin is known to be the popular kid in school , for his good looks and talent. Everyone seemed to like Kangmin , with an exception of...
  • jihun
  • tsentertainment
  • siwoo
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A Matter of Choice by akosilita31
A Matter of Choiceby akosilita31
The hardest decisions in life are not between good and bad or right and wrong, but between two goods or two rights. Joe Andrew If you have to choose between love and fri...
  • minhyuk
  • sungjae
  • changrong
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You Belong With Me ✔ by -sehunpai
You Belong With Me ✔by Heartfilia
Childhood friends falling in love with each other . SEHUN X HAYOUNG
  • exopink
  • sehun
  • ohmaknae
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After a long time (Exopink / Surong / Seyoung) by cbennhs
After a long time (Exopink / Suron...by cbennhs
What if you live in an orphanage like Chorong, Hayoung and Eunji? What if you are rich and go to the best school in Seoul? What if Destiny...... This is a Ex...
  • hayoung
  • exo
  • eunji
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Q and A  by theorangeprincess
Q and A by theorangeprincess
The stories behind Changsub's answers. (Kiss the Radio quizz)
  • peniel
  • eunji
  • btob
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DANGEROUS 2 | TRCNG Kangmin by Snowrus
DANGEROUS 2 | TRCNG Kangminby ชาเนล
🛑Sequel to Dangerous!🛑 After Yuna is fully convinced that her life was back on track as to being a normal teenage girl. the truth comes out faster than expected as it...
  • hakmin
  • jihun
  • jisung
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Apink & BTS Short Stories (Open For Requests) by Chorong1991
Apink & BTS Short Stories (Open Fo...by ApinkChorong
I will be posting a few short stories of BTS & Apink ? Rank 2nd for #btspink ? Rank 76th for #apink ? Feel free to requests ? Leave your vote if you enjoy reading it ?
  • suga
  • jimin
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First - My Love by ohsehunohhayoung
First - My Loveby Oh Seyoung ✨
"The best relationships usually begin unexpectedly, but will it even last forever?"
  • chanyeol
  • suho
  • teen
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at the end | lee changsub by baehoonjae
at the end | lee changsubby taeyong🍃
BOOK ONE and BOOK TWO "When I look up, I feel like I could touch it I endured this day with sighs As I match my foolish steps with the flowing stars." ~Lee C...
  • hyunsik
  • chorong
  • naeun
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CHORONG ' TAGRAM by ayseexolexo
CHORONG ' TAGRAMby ayseexolexo 에이핑크
  • bir
  • chorong
  • eunji
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TRCNG/Stray Kids Imagines  by trcng_lovr
TRCNG/Stray Kids Imagines by Puppy Kangmin
Just a collection of imagines for TRCNG and Stray Kids. Requests always open. No smut (they're too young for that, and I'm younger than them)
  • kangmin
  • imagines
  • jisung
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