Dress, Tuxedo and Lunch

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Oh Hayoung's Point of View

"No. Too much skin exposure." Sehun said, again.

Okay, first, my mom, Sehun's mom, Sehun and I are looking for our wedding clothes. Second, I've been trying many dresses and Sehun said he didn't like it. Third, I'm going to change into another dress again.

I groan and step into the fitting room. This time the worker gave me another dress. It's all white. Long. Not too much skin exposure. [a/n look at the media. I don't how to describe it actually mian] I slip into the dress and zip the dress. I look at the mirror and wow! The dress is so beautiful. It fits me. The way the dress curve along. It looks almost perfect, if I must say. I get out from the fitting room and close my eyes as soon as I stand in front of them- my mom, his mom and Sehun.

I'm going to kill him if he say this dress doesn't fit me. I'm really going to kill him.

I slowly open my eyes because I don't hear a single voice nor thing. I saw their jaw drop as soon as I open my eyes. Okay? Aren't they going to say anything? Err? Are you all still there? I thought.

"Oh my God! Sehun, she looks beautiful in this dress." His mom said and grab Sehun's arm as their eyes still doesn't leave me.

"Sehun-ah, she's beautiful, isn't she?" My mom finally spoke.

After a minutes which seems like a thousand years for me, Sehun finally back to his sense. He quickly put on his blank face again.

"That dress looks good on you. Just buy that dress." He muttered. I almost can't heard him but I catch his sentences and guess what? Of course I'm blushing.

Can't he say that I'm beautiful? Even once? But, it's better than nothing.

I mumbled an 'okay' before change into my usual clothes. I change seat with Sehun because it's time for him to try those tuxedos. He changes into a few tuxedos and it all looks good on him but I want to search for the perfect one. Just then, he came out with another simple but perfect tuxedo. The trousers, the long sleeved shirt that being covered by a coat, it's all pure white. Even, the bow was white. It's simple but perfect on him. [a/n you can look at the media too]

"This one is good. Let's take it." I said. How can I say that he looks perfect on the tux in front of him so... it's better than nothing right?
Mom and Mrs. Oh nod together and say good words towards Sehun before he change into his usual clothes. Mom and Mrs. Oh went to the counter and discussing a few things that I don't know.  Sehun and I still sitting on the sofa. He's playing - more like texting someone on the phone, smiling like a crazy bastard, probably texting his girlfriend. Meanwhile, I'm staring outside the window, looking at a couple, who is eating happily.

They look perfect together. They're happy. I can see that there are loyalty, trust and love. There is no fake happiness. I wish I can be like them. But can I? Marrying a guy, who I only know his name and look? Can I really be happy? Can I find loyalty? Can I find lov-

"Yah!" I heard someone yelled, interrupting my thought.

I blinked few times before look at Sehun. He already looking at me with his famous blank face and hatred in his eyes.

"Let's eat lunch with me." He suddenly spoke.

Wait... what? I... heard that...right? Or.. my imagination?

"What?" I asked in disbelief, eyes widen.

"Are you deaf? I'll only say it once." He said and stand up.

I, on the other hand, still not- can't stand up. The next thing he did to me, you won't believe me if I say. He grab my wrist as I stand up and follow him. I widen my eyes and still can't believe. Is this a reality?

"Mom, Mrs. Oh, can we eat lunch first?" Sehun told them, still not releasing my wrist.

"Yeah, sure. Just wait for us-"

"I mean, Hayoung and I, eat lunch together. Just me and her." He said again, still not releasing my wrist.

He didn't bring Ahreum right?

Mom and Mrs. Oh exchange look and grin widely.

"Sure. Go. We'll eat later." Mom said, smiling.

I froze. Sehun bow at them and drag me with him until we reached his car, I guess. I still can't do anything after what is happening. He unlock the door and push me inside the car, on the passenger seat before he went to the driver seat. He start to drive. After a few minutes, I finally back to my sense.

"Wait. We're going to eat lunch right?" I quickly asked, looking at him.

"I thought you heard me." He said, eyes focusing on the road.

"You're.. not going to.. kidnap me..right?" I slowly asked again.

"I'm not going to waste my time just to kidnap you." He answered.

"There's no other people with us? You're not bringing..Ahreum together?" I asked again.

"No. There's no Ahreum. There's no other people. We're going to eat lunch, not kidnapping you. Just us. Together. You and I. Now, can you please shut your mouth?" He said annoyingly.

I didn't answer him. Instead, I slowly turn my head and look outside the window. From inside the car, I can only see the surrounding in black and white because the window is dark. Black and white. It's not colorful. Just like my life now. Before I knew that I'm into this arrange marriage, everything was fine. Everything was colorful back in time. Now, it suddenly turn into a boring colour. Black and white.

The car stopped in front of a not-so-big-nor-small but fancy restaurant. We get out of the car and walk into the restaurant. I follow him until we reached a table with two chair. A lady came which I assume is the waiter. She's asking our order. I scan through the menu and decided to order a steak and fresh orange juice. He order the same food and an apple juice. After few minutes, the same waiter came and served our food. We eat in a silence. I don't know wether it was comfortable or awkward.

"I wanna tell you something." He suddenly spoke, wiping his mouth and look at me.

"W-what is i-it?" I stammered.

"It's about our honeymoon." I gulped as I heard the 'honeymoon' word.

"I want our honeymoon to be delay for a month." He said.

I gulped before ask, "Why?"

"I wanna spend more time with Ahreum before the honeymoon because after the honeymoon I'm going to start working with dad so I don't have much time with her." He told me.

Spend more time? Wtf?


"I won't be too mean towards you." He cut me before I can finish my sentence.

Too mean? So, you are going to be mean towards me but less mean?

I want to say no.

I want to tell him what I just thought.

I want to say it's unfair.

But instead, I said,


And I know I am stupid.

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