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My Healer by Ravneet348
My Healerby Ravneet
Manya a depressed soul who loves her family a lot but what happens when her family disowns her and hurt her that intense that no one Can survive. But she never complaint...
Devil Come Husband(Completed) by July_jasz
Devil Come Husband(Completed)by July_jasz
She is a savage and he is a devil in disguise. Let's see how they end up in a arrange marriage and live without killing each other. "Yuckk" he spitted everyth...
That Perfect Smile of Him by ishqhuahaii
That Perfect Smile of Himby ishqhuahaii
A chaotic husband,Arjun and a determined wife,Siya
Wife By Choice [Choice Series 1] {Completed} by Sarah24SM
Wife By Choice [Choice Series 1] { Sarah24SM
Grace Carlos, after a terrible confession of her feelings to her best friend who also happens to be her cousin's ex tries to find out her own identity. She grabs an op...
Arrange To Love | KTH  by leemia_7
Arrange To Love | KTH by LeeMia
Y/n getting forced by her parents to marry Mr. Cold CEO Both of them were complete stranger to each other until one... Enjoyyyy :) Started on : 24th October 2021 Ended...
Her healer by biblio_philia
Her healerby Monika
An Arranged Marriage Story. #1 Hot (17-11-23) #1 Happyending (17-11-23) #2 Shy (13-11-23) #3 Cold hearted (27- 10- 23) POWER!!!!! That's what he always wanted. He is kin...
Love Binds Us (COMPLETED) by dreamy_brain
Love Binds Us (COMPLETED)by Sanchi
Abhimanyu Malhotra and Shivani Khanna had been school mates and best of friends..... But the rejection brought them apart!!! After years both were tied in the knot of ma...
unwanted bride by wonderGo1331
unwanted brideby Manika
"Hey baby come to me. I am your rightful husband. come here kitten."he said. "I am telling you, don't you dare to come closer to me. This marriage is just...
Shaadi Yaa Barbaadi by sidnaaz_is_world
Shaadi Yaa Barbaadiby Sidnaaz
Sidharth and Shehnaaz ,two individuals living their life in their own way...Their sibilings got married to each other through a love marriage but what will happen if the...
DEV SINGH RATHOR Soon to be king of Udaipur, ruthless and arrogant CEO of multinational company (RATHORE INDUSTRIES). Dev loves his family the most, he ca...
Puppets of fate  by 840_peace_
Puppets of fate by 840_peace_
"why can't you just be mine "_...... "If you are my heart then he is the heartbeat"_........ "I just want you two be happy forever , that's...
My Universe (Taekook ff) by bananawithstrawberry
My Universe (Taekook ff)by 🦋
"Why are you crying?" "I don't know" .... A love story between a crybaby and a blunt cuddly guy ....... Top koo Bottom tae ..... Arrange Marriage...
Scholarly Serendipity: An Academic Affair by Deverian
Scholarly Serendipity: An Desi Girl
The intelligent, smart, sexy and all - rounder, who has all girls dieing for him, Ishaan Kumar Sinha. Hotness with brains is his most concise discription. With intellige...
love in eyes by hawahawai111
love in eyesby Uswa Noor
its the story of cousin in islamic religion the story of 2 different people one is childish but other is mature they know how to handle situations they are fated tog...
Seep Into Me Slowly  by DramaQueenforreal
Seep Into Me Slowly by DramaQueenforreal
COMPLETED✅ When Tatiana gets stood up by her groom, Ace Black, whom is her rapist by the way, she gets married to his older brother Silas. Watch them navigate this newfo...
Arranged Love (Zayn Malik Arranged Marriage) by FiyonaPray
Arranged Love (Zayn Malik Pray
You probably think getting an arrange marriage with someone you don't even know is a pain in the arse right? Well, no. Not for Meera Pray Rosselles. That's actually the...
Crumbled dreams ( forthbeam) [Completed] by caseylove01
Crumbled dreams ( forthbeam) [ caseylove01
he was standing beside his husband, in the altar. Trying best to contain his tears as guest were congratulating him and his now husband, about their marriage. He didn't...
arrange marriage (liskook) by eshal29
arrange marriage (liskook)by liskook ff
their is a girl named kim lalisa her parents are arranging a marriage for her but will that marriage be succesfull will both of them fall for eachother or WONT lets see...
Yours Only by UnpredictableXAn
Yours Onlyby imaginationwhilestudying
'Cause he was sunshine and I was mightnight rain. He wanted comfortable, I wanted that pain.' ~ "Kabir you know what you are the most annoying goblin ever!!" S...
Mr & Mrs Workaholic (BTS Jungkook FF) by celovedrama
Mr & Mrs Workaholic (BTS Chee
HIGHEST RANKING IN ARRANGED MARRIAGE #1 HIGHEST RANKING IN BLACKPINK #2 • Extract • "I have 3 rules for you Park Chae-, or should I now say Jeon Chaeyoung:" h...