Blissful life by wandrer31
Blissful lifeby krati jain
the description is given by my readers The story is best . It conveys the importance of relations .As we see how the relations are breaking I.e once the marriage is do...
  • marriage
  • parenthood
  • happiness
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His Hidden Wife (A Justin Bieber Story) by julie13
His Hidden Wife (A Justin Bieber Julie
How can you make someone fall in love with you when he's in love with someone else? Cᴏᴘʏʀɪɢʜᴛ © 2013 Julie13
  • unrequited
  • marriage
  • love
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His Contract Bride by MJ_Cristine
His Contract Brideby MJ Cristine
Courtney has been constantly thinking of one particular guy for months. She even told her parents that she's in relationship with this guy. Her parents want proof and sh...
  • pregnancy
  • wedding
  • fake
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Arranged Love (Zayn Malik Arranged Marriage) by FiyonaPray
Arranged Love (Zayn Malik Pray
You probably think getting an arrange marriage with someone you don't even know is a pain in the arse right? Well, no. Not for Meera Pray Rosselles. That's actually the...
  • fanfic
  • married
  • love
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Married My Enemy by heyyyitzme6
Married My Enemyby Heyyyitzme
She's nice, funny, frank, loving and simple. He's arrogant, rude, mean and loves to show of. How will two different souls become one? MY FOURTH BOOK!
  • arrangedmarriage
  • indianmarriage
  • khushi
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Marriage: Installing...Love: Error! by DestinyFun
Marriage: Installing...Love: Error!by Kavita Sahu
#6 in Romance- 6-07-2016 "Look....I'm s-sorry, I didn't know you'd be this mad If I would have known...." "Shut the f**k up!" His rough edge voic...
  • humour
  • hot
  • kiss
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Adorably HIS's by silent_hustle
Adorably HIS'sby SJB
"Bharani please.. listen to me" I said looking into his eyes with tears flowing down my cheeks. "How dare u raise ur hands against her Sadhana?" he s...
  • betrayal
  • romance
  • india
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Its You Who Live in My Heart (Completed √) by A_rebelliousdreamer
Its You Who Live in My Heart ( trishla singh
Cover cr. @bhavya-Sandhir. Highest ranking-- #18 on (03/12/17)in ff #26 on (28/10/17) in ff #26 on (26/02/18)in ff #23 on (28/02/18) in ff A totally unexpected arrange...
  • relationship
  • fanfiction
  • love
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Wife By Choice [Choice Series 1] {Completed} by Sarah24SM
Wife By Choice [Choice Series 1] { Sarah24SM
Grace Carlos, after a terrible confession of her feelings to her best friend who also happens to be her cousin's ex tries to find out her own identity. She grabs an op...
  • husband
  • choiceseres
  • arrangedmarriage
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Lustful Love by taaniry
Lustful Loveby Tania Roy
#8 in swasan Sanskar laid his eyes on a innocent girl. But it's too late because she's married. Swara Laksh Garodia. But swara's life played games and make her fall in...
  • wattys2018
  • swasan
  • hate
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The Billionaire's  Marriage Proposal by ladyfeisty28
The Billionaire's Marriage ladyfeisty28
( End of Season 1) /Season two will be released soon./ Monterey Williams is a sweet, loving and caring woman yet sometimes difficult to deal with. Life is not easy for...
  • wife
  • love
  • mature
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Manan~An arranged tale.  by ayat_malik
Manan~An arranged tale. by ayat_Malik
IPS officer, Manik Malhotra who is married to his duty and his civil services. Who has kept himself away from everything apart from work. Nandani Arora, the girl from b...
  • fanfiction
  • mature
  • arrange
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  • gangster
  • love
  • arrange
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Love Story... We Made Together <3 by Mayjain
Love Story... We Made Together <3by Mayuri
Mahi is a simple Indian girl. Her hopes of having a love story gets shattered when Samyak (her would be groom) eloped before engagement. Destiny was never in her favour...
  • romance
  • friend
  • love
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«Tangled || 엉킨» J•JK ✓ by gigiloveskookie
«Tangled || 엉킨» J•JK ✓by 👑수현😎
|•|•|•|•| This is a story where Jong Jinae is Arranged with Jeon Jungkook even before she was born. But what happens when they meet each other after they turn 18. Will...
  • jungkook
  • yoongi
  • love
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He's My Fiancé?! --- COMPLETED by MariaClaraWannabe
He's My Fiancé?! --- COMPLETEDby a girl has no name
He's the weird stranger she saw in a coffee shop. He's the weird stranger who chased their car for no reason. He is her fiance. He's annoying. He smokes. He drinks. He's...
  • friends
  • teen-romance
  • one-chapter-spg
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Arrange to be Yours: SwaSan Story (TS) by Silent_Star13
Arrange to be Yours: SwaSan no idea
"Who are you?" A girl who was in bridal attire came in my room and yelled showing me a vase. "This should be my question." I glared her making her fu...
  • forced
  • sanskar
  • veil
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Unloved Forever - Indian Story by bookworm1545
Unloved Forever - Indian Storyby bookworm1545
Hello guys this is my first I hope k u all will support me . There may be many mistakes so read at your own risk This is the story about a cute bubbly happy do...
  • indian
  • unloved
  • friends
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Because I'm Blind (BTS PJM) [ COMPLETED ] by babyjchimmy
Because I'm Blind (BTS PJM) [ babyjchimmy
Y/N has to marry her bully because of her parents company was about to close. So she unwillingly need to married to Park Jimin. Jimin treat Y/N badly behind their paren...
  • hurt
  • reader
  • cute
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Unfulfilled Desires (Adhori Chahatein) by EadieWali
Unfulfilled Desires (Adhori EadieWali
A car screeching and engine dying out couldn't pull me off this bliss until I felt like somebody was staring at me and I opened my eyes and I was locked in his gaze. A...
  • family
  • romance
  • allah
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