The Bikers Roll In

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**Saints Outfit**


It took a while to find something I deemed appropriate to wear for the bar but I was ready for tonight though. Ready for a new start and a chance to blend in in-case I needed to hide. Maybe if I can get on my feet with this job then things might turn out okay. For once I might be okay and stay in one place for longer than I expected.

I waited until I had ten minutes until I had to go in for my shift before I left. It was a short walk and I needed to prep myself for what could happen. The manager of the hotel wasn't to helpful when I asked who usually showed up to the bar, he muttered a low 'bikers' before turning back to the magazine in his hands.

Bikers could become a big problem for me but I knew what I was walking in to when I accepted the job. Hopefully they wouldn't be local and just happen to pass through for the night, but my luck of having that happening were slim.

By the time I finally managed to get within ear shot of the bar I had three minutes left. I picked up my pace,hoping that I wasn't late and I wouldn't get fired on my first day.

"Saint you actually showed up",a loud voice greeted me as I opened the door.

Scott stood behind the counter cleaning a few glass as some stray men sipped on their drunks in-front of him. He had a smile on his face,like he actually was surprised I showed up. I greeted him back with a wave and headed behind the counter to put my bag down and start making a few drinks.

"You came on a pretty good night hun",Scott began as he turned to face me,"The boys are coming home tonight and they'll be stopping here first".

"The boys",I questioned while taking a step back.

"Don't you worry Saint.I can promise you that those boys won't hurt you. Once you start working here more they'll treat you like family when they get used to your face. Now go take orders at those tables and get started ",Scott whispered as he served another customer without answering my question.

I was two hours in when I first heard the motorcycles. Everyone around me seemed to go silent as well,as if they already knew who it was. As quickly as I'd heard the engines they soon shut off and loud burly voices followed. I turned,not ready to face the bikers of this town, and moved to my next table handing out the rest of the drinks in my hand.

Two large bearded men stood in front of me,with sickly smiled gracing their faces. A shiver ran down my spine but I out a smile on my face anyway. I can't risk losing the only good thing in my life right now and asked for their order.

"Hi my names Saint, what can I get you gentlemen this evening",I asked politely refusing to acknowledge the bad feeling creeping down my spine.

" I'd sure like to have a sip of you tonight", The man on the right answered smugly clinking his glass with his buddy's. 

I gave an awkward laugh back as they continued to give me looks.

"Well since you haven't decided yet I'll give you a few more minutes to decide",I spoke softly turning away from then.

I got a few feet away from the table before one of them shouted."Come back here little lady. I can show that pretty little mouth of yours a good time".

I cringed,knowing his behavior could get me in trouble if drew too much attention to me. Everyone else around me seemed to stop what they we're doing taking in the scene before them.

"Lady I don't think you heard me",He growled walking the short distance from his seat to me ,taking my arm in his hand. He was close,too close for my liking.

I tugged my arm hoping he'd let go but his grip only grew tighter, for sure leaving a bruise behind in he morning. He pulled me flush against him with both arms securely around me. Tears welled up in my eyes but I refused to let them fall,I has to prove to Scott that I wasn't going to be pushed around like he thought.

"Will you please get you hands off me",I spoke strongly,surprising myself.My braveness was met with laughter.

"No, I have a bette-".

"She said get off of her. Now if I were you I'd listen to her. Or you're gonna have a few problems", a deep manly voice growled behind us.The man holding me froze, either too drunk to realize who spoke to him or too stupid to care.With a roll of his eyes his head rolled back to meet the speaker.

"Oh Rogue! Sorry dude we were just messing around,right sweetheart",He answered with fear laced in his voice.

The man holding me let go giving a nod to Rogue before motioning to his friend to head out. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding as I rubbed my already bruised arm.

"Are you okay", The man who saved me asked.

"Nothing I can't handle. Thanks anyways",I whispered tuning my back to him.

"If anyone gives you trouble again tell Scott to call me. I'll handle it no problem",He grumbled out refusing to let me leave while I had a little bit of pride still intact.

"Thank you".

"And that goes for anyone",He spoke loudly as he looked around," If any of you cause her trouble you've got me to deal with".

No one seemed to question him as they nodded their heads simultaneously and then going back to their drinks. And for the rest of my shift no one said a word to me other than their drink orders. A part of me was glad that the mysterious stranger stepped in to help me,but I knew sooner or later he couldn't protect me like he said. And not everyone was gonna listen to his warning.

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