Morning After

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So I'm gonna slow down the story a little but since people keep saying it's going too fast. Every time I read y'alls comments I try to use your idea's and take into consideration everything you have to offer. Thanks for the support.

There were no bird's chirping when I woke up the next morning. Usually I found myself waking up earlier than usual to get chores done or go shopping for food but since moving in to Penny's ,well that schedules messed up.I sat up rubbing the sleep from my eyes while reaching for my phone.Of course the only notification I had was from Scott about work.

Hey can you come into work early today? We got another newby and I need you to cover the bar so I can show him the ropes.

Of course ! Another newby Scott? I thought you didnt hire people you don't know. What time should I come in?

About 5 cause we're gonna open early. See you there.

I didn't bother texting him back. With a sigh I pushed myself up and off the bed. The blanket and pillow Rogue slept on last night was folded neatly on the window sill. A part of me was glad that he hadnt been here when I woke up but the more logical part of me knew it was a pity move on his part. Rogue only made me stay in here to try and get answers out me about the scars. Answers he won't ever get.

At 4:57 I pulled into the bar parking lot in between Scott's and the new guys car. Hopefully this new guy was decent to work with and not another perve like some of the guys in this town. A shiver ran down my back just thinking about that guy grabbing me the last time I worked. With a shake of my head I dismissed the memories and headed into the bar.

The first person I saw was Scott, who stood behind the counter cleaning glasses. The closer I got to Scott I began to hear boxes being shuffled around from the back room. Scott must have had him stocking the coolers before I got here.

"Saint it's good to have you back! Did you have a good few days off",He beamed at me.

"It was eventful that's for sure",I muttered back as I joined him behind the counter."So whose the new guy you were telling me about"?

"Oh right I almost forgot. Caleb",Shouted Scott through the bar.

A door creaked behind me and heavy footsteps followed suit. I turned to find a handsome burley guy shifting his gaze between Scott and I. Tattoos raked up and down his arms and the beard he had only seemed to make him manlier. His presence however was enough to make anyone wet their pants.

"Caleb I want you to meet Saint. She started not to long ago as well",Scott said introducing me with a wave of his hand.

"Its nice to meet you",Caleb spoke sending shivers down my spine. He held his hand out and I reluctantly took it in mine.

"Its nice to meet you too", I managed to get out before dropping my bag into a cabinet and heading out to the tables. They had to be cleaned and I doubt any of the guys would do it.

For fifteen minutes I cleaned the tables and straightened chairs in hopes that I wouldn't, be forced to work with Caleb. Scott may trust him but I sure didn't, not at first impression anyways. A man his size could easily end a life with his bare hands. No way in he'll was I going to willingly get that close to him, I've learned what happens when you do.

Two hours later my shirt had been doused in two beers already. The bar was filled with men laughing loudly and women dressed in almost nothing but draped themselves across other men's laps anyways. They were all shitfaced and I still had a few more hours to go.

I found myself walking to the bathroom after I served another group of men. I hasn't had time to take a break since I've been here and the bathroom was the only place I could get a few minutes of peace.

"Why is she so skittish",Asked a voice from the room I had passed. Curious I took a few steps back to look into the cracked door. Caleb and Rogue were sitting near a desk with beers resting between them. Rogue shook his head before answering.

"I think something happened to her before she came here".

"She didnt even want to shake my hand earlier when Scott introduced me", Caleb stated loudly making Rogue glare at him.

"You need to keep your voice down",Rogue seethed at him,"I made Scott give you this job so you could watch her"!

"How am I supposed to get close to her if she stays halfway across the damn bar the whole time".

"I don't know but you need to figure it out", Rogue growled at him as he stood up. His chair fell backwards slamming against the floor. I jumped back hitting the wall beside me loudly. They snapped their gazes in my direction.

I jumped and ran towards the bathroom at the end of the hallway. My heart beat erotically at the thought of getting caught by them. I still couldn't believe that Rogue had sent Caleb to watch over me?! That piece of shit had the audacity to do such a thing. If he wanted to play dirty then so would I. I just cant wait for Penny to found out what he's doing.

Another one for you guys. Since it's summer I feel like you deserve more updates now. I'll keep trying to update every day or every other day so you always have something to read in case other authors haven't updated. Tell me how I did please!! Id appreciate it greatly!

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