Shooting You

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SOOOOOOOOOOO guess who's finally back guys!!!! I'm giving you guys probably to chapter tonight and depending on how those turn out I'll decide how i want to end this book.It will be coming to an end soon but i'm going to go back an edit because i know its probably terrible.However I have a question for y'all.

If I were to make a series out of this would you read it? (comment here please)

I really want to make a series from this.The books probably won't connect but they'll have the same theme of mc's and I'd make sure to change it up a little bit.So please give me your feedback because I'd greatly appreciate it! Please follow like and comment! I'll probably give you guys shoutouts when I finish this story so please comment and share xoxo.



Two days later Taylor and I found ourselves planed in front of the clubhouse starring at the set of swinging doors.A couple of the guys who stood guard kept shifting their gazes over at us every so often.I glanced sideways at Taylor and with one final nod of our heads we started for the door.The light dimmed dramatically once inside momentarily blinding us.

"Saint",Rogue called pulling our attention away from the initial shock of walking in.He stood at the far end of the bar next to two other heavily armed men.With a wave of his hand we pushed forward , making our way over to the trio.Up close the two other men were heavily scarred(probably bullet holes or knife wounds from the scarring) but built like trucks.There's no doubt in my mind others were as scared of them as I was just starring at them.Their presence screamed death and revenge.

"I've thought about this long and hard Saint",Rouge began."At first I couldn't wait to wrap my hands around that scrawny little throat of his but something else came to mind instead".Anger seeped through every syllable as he spoke.

"So what decision did you come too",Taylor asked weakly.From the corner of my eye I could see her hands slightly shaking signalling her nervousness.

"Follow me and we'll talk".

One of the men behind Rogue unbolted the door and propped it open for us to walk through.Rogue walked through the dark opening first beckoning us to follow.I reached back grasping my best friends hand before pulling us both through the small door.Together we followed an ever winding staircase making sure to stay a step or two behind Rogue.As we reached the bottom of the stairs sat a dark,moldy door with many locks snapped shut.A jingling of keys snapped me out of my thoughts and brought my attention to a set of keys in his hand, reaching for each of the locks.One by one each was unlocked and the door pushed open slowly.A chair sat in the middle of the room with a bloody mass perched on it.Its' breathing was labored and its' shoulders hunched due to exhaustion.Rogue whistled out towards the figure causing it to snap its head in our direction.

"It's about time you show your face in here again bitch",Luke hissed out.

There were multiple cuts and bruises lining his face and chest just oozing out blood.His face was slightly swollen but the look of pure hatred coming my way was an all too familiar sight.

"Got nothing to say bitch",He screamed out making Taylor flinch."I see you brought your little whore friend too.Did my boys not get the memo to kill her yet?"

"Oh shut up you useless piece of shit",Rogue growled out while throwing a few punches Luke's' way."This bitch here needs to learn a lesson girls.And who better yet to teach it then you".

Rogue held a gun in his hand with his arm outstretched towards me.I eyed the gun and Rogue multiple times before I reached out and gripped the gun with shaky hands.It was small in size but even a small gun comes with quite an impact.

"I'm not asking you to kill him Saint",He whispered,"But if you want even a little closer for the death of your son, do what you feel is right".

I took in a few short breaths trying to calm my nerves as I raised the gun.Luke starred down at the barrel of the gun, fear evident in his eye's but his face remained stoic.

"Daniel deserved to die", Luke whispered with a sinister smirk plastered on his face and I pulled the trigger.

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