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I kept my eyes shut tight, to afraid to see the mess in front of me.Rogues' shuffling around caught my attention as I followed his movements through sound.His shuffling stopped for a few seconds leaving a feeling of dread in the air.

"Saint",He called out gruffly,"I want you to turn around and leave.Go back to the hotel and get your things.You're staying with me for awhile".

I nodded unsurely but did what I was told.My eye's opened to see Taylor's stoic face facing towards Luke's body.I waved my hand back and forth snapping her out of the trance.Slowly we made our way out of the room and up the steps.Loud music and horny people danced all around us not giving our sunken faces a second look.

"You did the right thing honey",Taylor said startling me.I glanced over at her and saw sincerity deep in her eye's.We stopped and just looked at each other for a few minutes as tears flowed between both of us.I locked our hands and started our long walk back to the hotel in peace.My mind raced the whole way back contemplating where my life would leave me next.

It took two hours to gather everything up in the hotel room since we made room for crying breaks.I was surprised no one knocked on our door or reported us to the front desk.With Taylor's help I had everything stacked against the wall and the room tidied up as we waited for Rogue to pick us up.Ten more minutes passed before we finally heard a knock on the door.

"Penny?"I was surprised to see her standing in front of me.

"Hey sweetheart",She answered embracing me.

"Uhm I thought Rogue or Joker were coming to pick us up.I mean don't get me wrong I'm sure she's glad to see you but they never mentioned you stopping by",Taylor asked confused.

"Well I happened to call Rogue in the middle of clean-up and he said he had some business to take care of after.So here I am".I froze at the word clean-up but nodded my head at the rest of the words.We each grabbed a few bags and filed out of the room to Penny's car.After piling the bags and ourselves into the vehicle we took off down the road.

Penny pulled up to the house ten minutes later and parked behind the motorcycles parked in the drive way.A tale tale sign that Rogue and a few of his buddies were done taking care of 'business'.I shared a look with both Penny and Taylor before forcing myself out of the car and yanking my luggage in the house.Rogue,Joker,and another biker sat around the kitchen table talking in hushed voices.

"Uh hi",I said lamely catching their attention.Rogue sprang up from his seat and pulled me roughly into his arms."It's over Saint and I promise you wont have to be afraid of anything else anymore".

Joker and the other guy made their way out of the kitchen giving us some privacy.I dropped my head on Rogues shoulder letting he tears fall as he rubbed my back.

"Saint look at me please",He pleaded.With a sigh I raised my head and met his eyes."I know we haven't known each other very long but if you give me the chance I can take care of you.I can give you the life you've dreamed of".

"How can I be sure though",I whispered.

"You can't be but if you can trust me at-least a little then I think we can make this work",Rogue said honestly.

"Okay I guess I can give us a try".

"Do you promise?"

"I promise".

Slow clapping made us look away from each other and towards the entrance of the kitchen."I'm glad you two finally accepted each other!Now I say we celebrate with the red velvet cake in the fridge.I bought it last night",Penny yelled cheerfully.

Okay so I know this story kinda sucks but I'm going to update when I finish.I'll have an epilogue next and more than likely end the story from here.I'll go back and spice things up since I wrote this story over a span of a long time.Please LIKE COMMENT FOLLOW ME and SHARE!!!!!

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