Family Vibes

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***Saints bedroom at Penny's house***


Penny introduced me to everyone standing in her shop one by one. Each biker greeted me with a smile and a small hello, all except one. Rogue had managed to put himself in the rear of the group, seeming to casually not be paying attention. I knew better then that, years living with him had made me more observant. From the corner of my eye I'd catch him looking my way every time I focused on another biker, his glare stayed present. And things didn't change after Penny locked up the shop and made everyone leave. He silently rode behind us as I followed Penny in my car to her house a few blocks away.

Her house was cute and very homey. Light blue paint chipped every so often along the siding and flowerbeds littered the front yard. In the middle of the chaos a stone path lead up to the porch where Penny stood waiting for me with a gentle smile.

"You're room is right over there",She stated with a nod of her head to a dark brown door," Rogue's room is right across from yours and mine is downstairs of you need anything".

"I really appreciate everything you're doing for me. I promise to pay you back for everything ",I whispered as tears began to pool up in my eyes.Her kindness was everything to me.

"Don't you worry about anything sweety. The only thing you can help me with as payment is watching over Rogue when he's at the club",She stated with a laugh.I gave her a skeptical look as she kept giggling to herself.

"Mom can you leave her alone",Rogue groaned from down the stairs.His voice sent shivers up my spine.His boots echoed as he stomped up the steps causing me to tense up.

"Well I guess he's right. You rest up for a while and come down when you're ready to eat".With a little pat on the back she left me be at the doorway to my new room.

I relaxed back on the bed thinking about anything and everything as I drifted off to sleep.

"Saint",He whispered in a sickly sweet tone,"Come out and play with me".

His boots echoes through the hallway as he crept closer to my hiding spot.The air was tense and my body was in the same state. I sat curled up in between a bookshelf and table at the end of the hallway waiting for him to find me. He always finds me.

"Gotcha",He growled pulling my by foot from my hiding spot.

"Luke let me go",I screamed kicking and punching blindly.

Luke ignored my yelling and dragged me down the hall towards our room. With ease he picked me up and  threw me over his shoulder as we went through the doorway.Like I weighed nothing he threw me and I bounced across the bed , knocking the air out of me.

"You stupid little bitch. You think you're too good for me!,"Luke shrieked throwing a punch to my face,"If you want to act like a whore I'll show you what happens to a whore".

He ripped my shirt from my body, exposing my breasts. Owen nipped at my bare flesh leaving marks and a few drops of blood fell to the sheets. I pulled at his hands trying to pry him off of me but that only earned another punch to the face.

"You're nothing without me. Admit it Saint, you're a piece of shit who has nothing to live for. You need me", Luke yelled jerking my arms roughly and he slammed my body into the mattress.

"Saint",A gruff voice called from above me.

"Let me go!",I cried jerking away from the person shaking me, throwing my hands up violently.

"Hey calm down. Its only me, Rogue",He called making me open my eyes and stop thrashing.My heart was beating erratically, I placed my hand over my chest trying to calm down. 

Rogue stood to my side with worry etched in his face. His eyes looked wild as he searched my face for the reason I was screaming. He sighed when he saw I was calming down but still managed to pull me into a sitting position on the bed.He sat down next to me giving me a few seconds to gather my thoughts before he started asking.

"Are you okay",Rogue whispered without looking at me.

"Yeah just a nightmare",I answered back trying to sound sure of myself.

"What were you dreaming about?Like that was some pretty intense screaming,I'm surprised mom didn't wake up", He asked next.

"I can't remember to be honest",I lied,"But could you not mention it to anyone".

With a slight nod of his head, Rogue turned to leave before stopping himself again. "If it was really nothing then you wouldn't have asked me to forget it".

Rogue left before I could respond. I was speechless to say the least, but I still had to be careful living here. I can't let anything slip in front of a biker, let alone the leader of them all.

I felt weak as I pushed myself up to a standing position. Sweat coated my forehead and my hair looked like a rats nest when I glanced over to the mirror. And to top it all off I was needed at work tonight which was only going to be awkward if Rogue happened to show up.Maybe, just maybe he would decide to stay home or go out to another club for once.

"I've got to make a better life for myself here.It's the only way to keep hem safe",I said to myself as I started back at my reflection,"I can't keep running".

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