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I passed a welcome to Willow Falls sign at 8:30pm as the sun started to set.The town itself was surrounded by trees and gave off an ominous vibe when driving through but provided enough coverage to stay low for a few days.As I drover further into town it looked dead,no one was walking around and very few shops were open.Many stores were completely dark and two or three cars littered the small street.Only a few grocery stores seemed to be open and as I drove past trying to see inside, no one was around.Shaking my head I continued to drive down the vacant streets in search of any place to stay.

I passed a few more clothing stores on my way down the street before coming up to a motel tucked in between a gas station and a run down bar.The motel had a red neon vacancy sign hanging below their name,and surprisingly it looked decent .I pulled up in front of the glass door my lights shining through alerting anyone inside that a costumer was here,I gave one last look towards the door before shutting off the engine getting out of my car.I silently prayed to myself that they had a room on the first floor open and I wouldn't have to move my car far.

The stench of cigarette smoke and alcohol met my nose as I entered the lobby. A clerk sat behind the brown desk with a can of beer beside him and an open magazine in his hands, which by the bored look on his face he didn't seem to be reading.Faintly you could here a TV playing a commercial off in the room behind the clerk. His gaze met mine with a raised eyebrow.

"Do you have any rooms on the first floor available",I asked politely.

"We might have a few available but let me check and see",He replied with a gruff voice.

He turned towards a closed booklet off to the side of the desk and yanked it out from underneath a few papers.He flipped it open and scanned down the first page a few times barely paying any attention to the words written on it.Then turning to another table behind him he grabbed a random key out of a stack.He placed the gold key in my hand and in exchange I handed him a stack of money that would pay for a little over two weeks stay at the place.His face snapped towards mine in surprise as he starred at the lump of cash that rested in front of him.

"Can I stay two weeks or do you not take advanced payments"?

"That's fine sweet cheeks.If you keep the money coming you can stay as long as you like".

The clerk placed the money in a register beside his leg before taking a sip of his beer and pulling the magazine back up to his face going back to ignoring everything.He went on as if I hadn't just checked in.I breathed a sigh of relief when I finally reached open air, sucking in a clean batch of air.I looked at my key and scanned the rooms on the bottom row and saw 112.It sat directly in the middle,not to far of a walk from my car.I get back in my car and park in front of my room a few doors down.

I popped the trunk and started pulling out suitcase after suitcase and placed it on the concrete beside me.In the distance motorcycles roared down the road and they seemed to be getting closer and closer.As the sound neared I looked up and saw a group of  six or seven guys pull up to the bar I saw earlier, all of them rough looking and buff.They walked inside with a drunken laughter leaving an empty silence behind them.

When I finally got all of my things inside I began to unpack,putting everything in their rightful places in the drawers.By the time I was done the drawers were stuffed and I was extremely tired from the event of the past few days. Reluctantly I got back up in search of some night clothes so I could finally get comfortable.Once I found a pair of shorts and a t-shirt I hopped in a nice steamy shower letting the steam wash away all my thoughts.

When I settled back into bed and ate a few left over gas station snacks it was around 10:00pm .I closed my eyes extremely exhausted.I was finally lulled to sleep by the sound of motorcycles starting up again.

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