Family Reunion

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**Joker in the picture**


By the time cookies were made and we both settled down on the couch it was 11. I pulled a random movie out from the cabinet beneath the tv and put it in before settling back into the couch. I made sure that Joker say at the opposite end just in case he tried anything. It was a little stupid on my part to just let him in Penny's home but my gut was telling me that he wouldn't hurt me. I've trusted my gut instinct for the past few years and I wasn't gonna ignore it now.

"So what's this about again", Joker spoke breaking me from my thoughts.

"Uhm I think this girl goes to a beach her mom used to tell her about before she died and so she goes. While she's out surfing a huge shark attacks her and so she swims to a rock that's out of the water. Now she has to find a way back to shore",I gasped out not realizing how I said that all in one breathe.

Joker chuckles and says," Sounds interesting".

Halfway through the movie I found myself sinking lower into the cushion and resting my head on the arm of the couch.I'll just close my eyes for a minute , I said to myself as my eyes closed and I drifted off to sleep.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing here", Someone screamed causing me to wake up a little.I jerked forward turning to the voice.

"I thought you knew I was coming. Don't be such a bitch about it Rogue",Yelled another one .

"And why are you with her! She's mine and if I have to make that clear again then I will",The voice I recognized as Rogue growled as his feet stomped over towards the couch that I'm sleeping on.

Roughly I was picked up and slammed against a firm chest. Rogues manly scent invaded my sense which involuntarily made me sigh and relax against him.I started pulling at is hands trying to get free but was unsuccessful. Rogue stomped his way up the stairs and into a bedroom.

"I know you're not stupid Saint.I would've thought you knew better than that", Rogue growled out as he dumped me onto the bed.

I pushed myself up to find Rogue with his hands on clenched at his hips and stern look on his face. I mumbled a curse before looking at Rogues face.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing with my cousin",He spat out,"Do you think since you're new to town you can fuck any guy that comes your way.Go ahead and stake your claim in the family so you can have some protection from whatever you're running from"!!

"He made me cookies!! And i wasnt doing anything wit-".

"Oh save it princess",He seethed cutting me off," Just know since you're in my house that you're mine and mine only. I don't like to share". Rogue ended that sentence closer to my face then before. His breath mixed with mine and my eyes kept drifting back and forth to his lips. Rogue reached towards my waist, jerking me back into his embrace as his lips trailed down my neck.

A moan escaped from me as he nibbled and suck on the skin at the base of my neck and shoulder. I was in heaven to simply put it.My mind was frozen in bliss and then it hit me. I haven't felt like this since the first time I fell for Luke. Shit Luke!!!

"Rogue you have to stop",I moaned out trying to push him off me.

"Babe I think we both know you don't want me to stop", He growled back at me.

"I just cant. Please stop",I whispered .

"Fine", Rogue groaned,"But from now on your sleeping in here with me".

"What are you talking about. I'm pretty sure this is my room",I said giving him a ridiculous look.

"Oh it is from now on", He claimed smirking.

Confused at his words I took a look around the room and saw that most of the things in it weren't mine. Boxers and shirts were splayed out everywhere along with an all to familiar motorcycle club jacket.This defiantly wasn't my room.

"I suggest you get comfortable and strip. You won't be sleeping in your room anymore babe", Rogue said smirking down at me as he held one of his shirts in my direction.My mind was in overdrive confused at the scene that just unfolded in a matter of ten minutes.

"I'm really not comfortable with this",I hissed .

"Does it look like I give two shits doll. Either get in the bed or I'll force you".

"This is fucking bull shit",I muttered to myself,"I'm just not comfortable with all of this". The last part came out in a whimper which made Rogue freeze. A look crossed his face for a brief second before he was stone faced again.

"Look I'm just tring to protect you", He growled out as he ran a hand through his hair, tugging at the ends in frustration.

"I'm sorry",I whispered as tears leaked down my face.

"Look if it'll make you feel better then I'll sleep on the floor", Rogue said compromising with me. He pulled a pillow and blanket from the bed before settling on the floor.

I grabbed the shirt he laid down at the edge of the bed and all but jogged to the bathroom. Once inside I stripped out of the shirt from earlier and went the out the new one on. My scars caught my attention and as if I was hypnotized my fingers traced the jagged marks as the memories surfaced. With a shiver I pushed them back and slipped the shirt over my head before walking back into the room.

Rogue lay on the floor with his eyes closed and his hands behind his head. I felt guilty for having him sleep down on the floor but I couldn't trust him with what happened not too long ago. Everything from today seemed to hit me all at once as soon as my head hit the pillow.

"Stay away from Joker", Rogue muttered as I fell into a deep sleep.
Okay so I know I keep changing bits and pieces of this every so often and im sorry. Reading yalls comments made me realize that I wasnt happy with how this ended and I promise this is the last time I'm gonna change this ending. I feel comfortable leaving it here. Thanks for your patience!!!
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