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"Come on little one",Whispered Rogue, lifting my body from the couch. We moved a few feet before he placed me down on something way softer than the couch from lastnight. With a sigh I drifted back off to sleep.

"Rogue you know you can't do anything without asking her",Yelled a voice,waking me from the nap. Penny's voice grew distant and the slamming of her screen door only raised my suspicion of her heading outside. A few more slams echoed downstairs and Rogue was gone too. His motorcycle engine roared from outside and only when I could barely hear his bike head down he road I head downstairs to find Penny.

The look on her face told me a story and I wasn't too sure if I was ready to find out the ending of this chapter just yet."Saint I'm so sorry. He didn't listen when I told him not too"She wailed.

"What is he going to do",I asked cautiously, the hair on the back of my neck stood straight up and the the rapid beating of my heart wasn't helping my nerves.

"He was curious about who you were talking to the day he saw the marks an-and he took your phone". I froze. Every part of my body screamed at me to go find Rogue and make him explain himself but the more rational part of my brain had me already packing my bags.

"I-ive got to get out of here before he finds me! I was so stupid to tell you guys why I came",My words came out harsh and uneven. I was frantically moving around the kitchen trying to find my bag and get the hell out of there.

"Saint please slow down".Penny called chasing me up the stairs but my body was in over drive. After my bags were full I grabbed the only suitcase I took I had left and poured the rest of my clothes inside and zipped it shut.

"I-i have to leave",Mumbling to myself didn't help as the thought of being found made me dizzy.

"Thank god you're here", Penny cried with relief turning away from me,"Talk some sense into her before she goes crazy"!

"Saint calm down sweety. It'll be okay",Becca spoke calmly while reaching for my arm. I jerked away from her touch and stomped towards the bathroom to get the rest of my things.

"I'm sure Rogue had a goo-".

"Shut up",I screetched at her making them both freeze,"I was so stupid for trusting any of you. I should've known someone would've contacted her and now he'll find me and I'll have to go back. He'll kill me when he gets his hands on me. I have to leave. I CAN'T STAY HERE".

I couldn't breathe. My hands flew to my chest pushing and clawing trying to get some sort of air to my lungs as my vision clouded. Through my hazy sight Penny and Becca reached for me just as everything went dark.

Okay I know I haven't updated in forever and tbh I just haven't felt like it. I know this chapter probably sucks ass and I'm sorry for that but I'm gonna update more soon! Thank you all for your patience.

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