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SOOOOOOOOOO the end is finally here!I've gotta say its been a long while writing this story and i know some things probably don't add up in the the plot but  will go back and edit.I might add a few parts and spice some things up to give the story more life!

Thank you all for reading and staying tuned with my hectic writing schedule.Please comment and share and i'll e sure to keep y'all informed on the new series im making out of this book!Love y'all.


**2 years later**

Two years had went by since I shot Luke and I gave my life to Rogue.Two years since I forgave myself for the death on my son and found a little happiness in this screwed up world.It seems just like yesterday I escaped and made my way here and found myself a family.I reached up putting tinsel along the fire place lost in my thoughts, thinking about everything that happened two years ago when Penny interrupted my thoughts.

"Saint how many times do I have to tell you to put that down! You can't be carrying stuff when you're in that condition",Penny said scolding me.Rogue sighed in the background already knowing we were having another pointless disagreement.

"Now Penny I think I'm alright. I've been home for a week now. Ask Rogue, he'll tell you that I can do things just fine",I countered while pointing over to Rogue in the corner.

He was finishing up the decorations for our Christmas tree while trying (unsuccessfully might I add) to ignore our bickering.Both Penny and I turned towards him hands on our hips waiting for him to notice.He turned hands held up,"I'm not getting in-between you two again.Last time you almost took my eyeball out".

"Sweety that was accident and you know it",Penny hissed at him with a smile before turning towards the kitchen as her timer went off.We both watched her walk off and when our eyes met I gave him playful glare.

"Oh best friend we're here"!Taylor said as she came bolting into the living room plowing straight into me.Joker and two year old Will followed shortly after dragging in presents and sour looks.I laughed at the scene of the struggling pair and squeezed Taylor back.

"So where's the little angel. I've been dying to see her for the past week",Taylor pleaded with wide eyes.

"Well if you guys didn't get sick right after I had her then you could've spent a tone of time with her this past week".

Taylor followed me down the hall and up the stairs leaving the boys to sort all the presents out under the tree.We passed three rooms before stopping at a pink and yellow door with Rylie painted on it in black letters.I gave Taylor a quick smile before pushing open the door.Taylor walked over the to the crib by the window and looked down with a smile.I watched her for a few minutes, lost in my own thoughts ,before joining her.Rylie was sleeping peacefully in a thick red onsie as a pacifier hung loosely out of her mouth. 

"She looks just like you",Taylor cooed,"I can't believe you had her just a week before Christmas too".

"I know, birthdays are gonna be tricky for sure", I laughed.

Carefully I picked up my daughter and cradled her in my arms and headed back downstairs.Rogue had put on a movie keeping Will glued to the TV while him and Joker finished with the presents.Rogues eye's lit up at the sigh of Rylie in my arms and held out his arms for her.He rocked her softly trying to get her to wake up from her sleepy haze.She cooed and rolled a little before barely cracking an eye open and starring at her dad.Rogue looked back at me and gave a thumbs up.

Penny waltzed in a few seconds later holding a pot of food and placed it on the table in-front of us.I walked back into the kitchen and helped gather a few more dishes and the drinks. "FOOODDDD",Will screamed surprising us all when he snapped out of his TV daze.We all gave a few laughs and gathered around the table and started our Christmas feast together as a family.

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