Epilogue #2

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* 18 years after Rylie's birth

"Honey how many times do I have to tell you to be careful when you're coming home late", my mom groaned.

School was letting out in just two weeks and to say I was excited to graduate would be an understatement. The only things seniors were required to do in the next few weeks were to show up and participate in all the activities they had planned.(We actually do this in my high school. I'm graduating in May and the last two weeks of school are basically nothing for seniors. It's awesome!) And of course since we barely did anything remotely fun at school ,I wanted to celebrate my upcoming acheivemnet with a little partying lately. Life was boring in town and what teenager doesn't like to go out and live on the wild side every now and then.

I guess my circumstance was a little different seeing as I was the eldest daughter to the President of the Devils Ride (I'm not sure if I actually gave Rogues mc a name buying I did please correct me and I'll change it) going out and being a normal teenage girl was anything but easy. All the club members constantly watched out for me and some of the younger prospects were about my age so they told on me whenever they got the chance. Plus the two little twin devils I called my little brother and sister somehow manage to catch me sneaking in and tell on me every single time. So in order to get away from the constant protection my best friend and I sneak to the next town over and party on the weekends. Trust me when I say it's much easier getting into clubs when no-one knows your dad.

"Mom I understand you worry. I mean what mother doesn't worry about their children. But you have to understand that I want to live my life. I can't stand the lingering feeling of eyes everywhere I go. I can't even go on a simple walk anymore without someone coming up to me and asking if I need anything! "

"You just don't seem to get the point I'm making. Another mc is in Spring Valley and if they caught wind of you being over there then things would get ugly".

"The whole drug and gun war has nothing to do with me though".

"You're your fathers weakness in their eyes. Being the oldest and a girl makes you a target I'd they were to ever really know who you are. I'm not going to stop you from living your life because I know how it feels to be caged in. Just call and check in every so often when you do go out. I might be upset for a few seconds if you text me at 3am but I'll get over it knowing your safe and alive".

Her response caught me off guard a little. It's almost impossible to get her to open up about her past and she'll never talk about the real she met my dad either. Her life is pretty much a mystery in my eyes before she ever had me or the twins.

"Mom you give the best advice. Can you tell me how I should do my hair then", Gwen's voice caught me by surprise as she poked her head around my leg giving our mom a wide smile.

"Of course sweetheart but first tell me where your brother is. I haven't seen him all day!"

"Oh well Levi is with dad trying to fix up the motorcycle Uncle Joker wrecked last week".

I headed out the back door in the kitchen before I could here my moms reply and ventured over to an old oak tree in the distance. Plopping down rather hard I rubbed at my butt to try and stop some of the pain.

Ring ring.


"Rylie you wouldn't believe what I just heard from Cara at the store", Lydia, my best friend said.

"What is it?"

"So the new leader of the Hell Riders is throwing this party tomorrow and it's an open invite. I say we totally go because almost every senior is going from school".

Her excitement was rubbing off little as I took in what she was saying but my moms words still echoed in my mind to be careful. "I don't want people to recognize me though Lydia. Especially since it is a club party and some of our friends are going, I feel like one of them might slip. "

"Look I'll text all the seniors in group chat and make sure we keep any affiliations on the low. Some of the others have dads in the club too so we really don't want a bunch of problems. "

A car door slammed off in the distance drawing my attention away from Lydia. My dad and Levi jumped from the 4x4 smiling and talking about something when my dad noticed me. He gave me a wide smile and a short wave before finally reaching the front steps and going inside. For a split second I thought about turning down the offer but where would the fun in that be?

"Alright girl sign me up!"

Okay so I might turn Rylies character into one of the series book and her life as the daughter of a club member. Please let me know what you think and if I should actually do it. Whoever comments I'll give a shout-out too in the book if I make it or my current mc book "Marlows Promise". Please do check out that book too. Always remember to like comment vote and follow me. Xoxo.

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